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Adlington, Cheshire, England


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Latitude: 53.3206574, Longitude: -2.1348719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 John  Abt 1366Adlington, Cheshire, England I74184
2 ASTON, Alice  Abt 1326Adlington, Cheshire, England I55861
3 DE LEGH, Joan  1310Adlington, Cheshire, England I57300
4 DE LEGH, John  1223Adlington, Cheshire, England I50521
5 DE LEGH, Mrs John  Abt 1303Adlington, Cheshire, England I56356
6 DE LEGH, Robert of Adlington  Abt 1324Adlington, Cheshire, England I73963
7 DE LEGH, Robert  1345Adlington, Cheshire, England I74487
8 DE LEGH, Thomas  1322Adlington, Cheshire, England I55860
9 DE LEIGH, Katherine  Abt 1362Adlington, Cheshire, England I74185
10 LEGH, John de  1269Adlington, Cheshire, England I56830
11 LEGH, John de  1303Adlington, Cheshire, England I56357
12 LEGH, Katherine  1280Adlington, Cheshire, England I56831
13 LEGH, Katherine  1296Adlington, Cheshire, England I57298
14 LEGH, Margaret  1348Adlington, Cheshire, England I74188
15 LEGH, Margaret Susanah  1322Adlington, Cheshire, England I32843
16 LEGH, Robert  Abt 1342Adlington, Cheshire, England I56358
17 LEGH, Robert Esquire  25 Mar 1409Adlington, Cheshire, England I18403
18 LEGH, Lady Susanah  1334Adlington, Cheshire, England I74485
19 LEIGH, Agnes De  1359Adlington, Cheshire, England I73769
20 LEIGH, Matilda  Abt 1340Adlington, Cheshire, England I74486
21 LEIGH, Robert De  6 Mar 1363Adlington, Cheshire, England I65757
22 OF ADDINGTON, Thomas Leigh  1388Adlington, Cheshire, England I19462


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELGRAVE, Isabel  1420Adlington, Cheshire, England I65756
2 DE LEGH, Robert of Adlington  9 Nov 1382Adlington, Cheshire, England I73963
3 DESTANLEY, Isabel Maud  1460Adlington, Cheshire, England I16893
4 LEGH, John de  1325Adlington, Cheshire, England I56830
5 STANLEY, Isabell de  1481Adlington, Cheshire, England I16891


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Legh /   Abt 1359Adlington, Cheshire, England F38088
2 De Legh / Aston  Abt 1341Adlington, Cheshire, England F28380
3 Legh / De Legh  Abt 1317Adlington, Cheshire, England F28641
4 Legh / Legh  Abt 1295Adlington, Cheshire, England F28888
5 Legh / Stanley  1426Adlington, Cheshire, England F9781
6 Leigh / Belgrave  Abt 1380Adlington, Cheshire, England F34169