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Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada


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Latitude: 45.6311540, Longitude: -61.7463870


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 RANDALL, Albert  15 Sep 1840Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3909
2 RANDALL, Ann Eliza  5 Oct 1832Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3906
3 RANDALL, Annie Smith  23 Oct 1859Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3898
4 RANDALL, Charles  5 Dec 1830Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3905
5 RANDALL, Charlotte Theresa  1 Mar 1843Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3885
6 RANDALL, Cornelia Jane  12 Jul 1844Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3896
7 RANDALL, Delia Marie  29 Oct 1847Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3897
8 RANDALL, Edward George  25 May 1836Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3894
9 RANDALL, Elisha Atkins  13 Mar 1826Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3903
10 RANDALL, Elisha William  30 Apr 1819Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3891
11 RANDALL, Francis Cook  20 Jan 1826Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3915
12 RANDALL, Harriet Grace  20 May 1838Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3884
13 RANDALL, James Francis  25 Nov 1833Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3883
14 RANDALL, John  27 Sep 1823Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3902
15 RANDALL, John Alexander  14 Aug 1798Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3889
16 RANDALL, Joseph Dexter  26 Jan 1828Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3904
17 RANDALL, Mary Louise  11 Jan 1842Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3895
18 RANDALL, Richmond  22 Jan 1861Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I4186
19 RANDALL, Ruth Amelia  31 Dec 1827Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3892
20 RANDALL, Samuel  22 Jan 1861Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3899
21 RANDALL, Sarah  12 May 1802Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3890
22 RANDALL, Sarah Eliza  30 Oct 1830Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3893
23 RANDALL, Thomas Alexander  13 Apr 1837Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3908
24 RANDALL, William James  10 Mar 1835Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3907
25 RANDALL, William John  28 Oct 1824Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3887
26 STROPLE, Sarah Sophia  25 Sep 1844Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I4064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SYMONDS, Sarah Maria  1 Mar 1830Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COOK, James Randall  4 Jun 1917Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3916
2 RANDALL, Albert  7 Nov 1895Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3909
3 RANDALL, Elisha  8 May 1828Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I1067
4 RANDALL, Elisha Matthew  11 May 1879Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3886
5 RANDALL, Elisha William  4 Aug 1885Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3891
6 RANDALL, Francis Cook  5 Mar 1833Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3915
7 RANDALL, James  2 Jun 1865Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3888
8 RANDALL, James Francis  11 Jul 1897Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3883
9 RANDALL, John Alexander  22 Feb 1882Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3889
10 RANDALL, Ruth Amelia  16 Oct 1893Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3892
11 RANDALL, Samuel  23 Jan 1863Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3899
12 SYMONDS, Harriet Sophia  1917Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RANDALL, Elisha Matthew  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3886
2 RANDALL, Elisha William  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3891
3 RANDALL, James  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3888
4 RANDALL, Ruth Amelia  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3892
5 STROPLE, James William  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3928
6 SYMONDS, Harriet Sophia  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3917
7 SYMONDS, Joseph  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3919
8 SYMONDS, Mary Eliza  Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada I3901


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Randall  29 Mar 1824Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada F2178
2 Randall /   1 Jan 1824Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada F2172
3 Randall / Randall  17 Mar 1858Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada F2179
4 Randall / Strople  2 Mar 1855Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada F2190


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Randall /   8 Mar 1857Bayfield, Nova Scotia, Canada F2172