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Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander de Brus  1285Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21386
2 Donnchadh mac Gilbert I of Galloway  1174Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21537
3 King Edward of Ireland  1276Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21380
4 Niall mac Dhonnchad of Carrick  Abt 1212Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21375
5 ANNANDALE, Lady Beatrice Bruce of  1222Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21805
6 BRUCE, Lady Elizabeth  Abt 1286Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21384
7 BRUCE, Lady Mary de  1282Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21383
8 CARRICK, Christiana of  Abt 1275Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I63991
9 COUNTESS OF CARRICK, Marjorie  11 Apr 1254Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I63491
10 DE BRUCE, Alexander  Abt 1315Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I58529
11 DE BRUS, Pagon  Abt 1135Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I22375
12 DE CARRICK, Marjorie Countess of Carrick  Abt 1243Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21311
13 GALLOWAY CARRICK, Mrs-Gilbert Of  1126Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21794
14 RAMSEY, Emma  1062Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I22741
15 STEWART, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1373Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I61214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Niall mac Dhonnchad of Carrick  1256Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21375
2 COUNTESS OF CARRICK, Marjorie  9 Nov 1292Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I63491
3 DE CARRICK, Marjorie Countess of Carrick  9 Nov 1292Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I21311
4 FITZALAN, Avelina  1202Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I59167
5 RAMSEY, Emma  1094Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland I22741


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruce / CARRICK  1292Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland F33007
2 de Braose / de Bretagne  1050Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland F12192
3 Fitz Marmaduke / de Brus  1271Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland F11595