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Castile, Spain



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   19 Aug 1201Castile, Spain I61842
2 Argilo  Abt 810Castile, Spain I37876
3 Elisabeth Zayda OF  Abt 1040Castile, Spain I36280
4 Ferdinand I Emperor of All Spain  Abt 1015Castile, Spain I35309
5 Sancha Alfónsez Queen Of Aragón  21 Sep 1154Castile, Spain I90364
6 AMAYA, Mrs Nuno Rodriquez Countess of  784Castile, Spain I38022
7 BURGUNDY, Constance of Castile  1141Castile, Spain I61585
8 CASTILE, Count Sancho Garcia of  Abt 950Castile, Spain I37045
9 COUNTESS OF AMAYA, Mrs Nuno Rodriquez  Abt 784Castile, Spain I38023
10 DE AMAYA, Nuno Rodriguez Count  Abt 772Castile, Spain I37786
11 DE BURGOS, Gonsalo Fernandes Conde  Abt 863Castile, Spain I37877
12 DE CASTILE, Constance Alfonsez reine de France  Abt 1133Castile, Spain I6224
13 DE CASTILE, Count Pedro Fernandez  Abt 925Castile, Spain I37362
14 DIAS, Mayor  Abt 894Castile, Spain I37377
15 GARCIA, Elvira of Castile  Abt 970Castile, Spain I36305
16 LACERDA, D Branca de Lara e  Abt 1311Castile, Spain I85569
17 LEON, Ferdinand II Alfonsez  Abt 1137Castile, Spain I6223
18 NAVARRE, Sancho III King of  Abt 980Castile, Spain I38068
19 RODRIQUEZ, Nuno Count of Amaya  772Castile, Spain I37787
20 URRACA  Castile, Spain I38021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAPET, Lady Constance  1108Castile, Spain I36277
2 CASTILLA, Diego Rodríquez II  902Castile, Spain I37082
3 FERNANDEZ KING OF LEON AND CASTILE, Alfonso IX  1183Castile, Spain I10156
4 LACERDA, D Branca de Lara e  Abt 1350Castile, Spain I85569
5 OF PORTUGAL, Beatrice Queen of Portugal and the Algarve  Abt 1420Castile, Spain I85445
6 SALVADORES, Goda  1110Castile, Spain I88221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FERNANDEZ KING OF LEON AND CASTILE, Alfonso IX  10 Apr 1183Castile, Spain I10156


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / of Leon  12 Jul 1032Castile, Spain F17994
2 / of Leon  12 Jul 1032Castile, Spain F18006
3 / of Leon  12 Jul 1032Castile, Spain F18263
4 Capet / Burgundy  1154Castile, Spain F31376
5 de Amaya / Amaya  795Castile, Spain F19807
6 de Leon /   Abt 1187Castile, Spain F44697
7 Rey de Castilla y León / de Molina  1282Castile, Spain F44602
8 Rey de Leon y Castilla / Capet  1058Castile, Spain F18575
9 Urgel / Perez de Valladolid  1095Castile, Spain F20256