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Cople, Bedfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROKE, Ellen  1325Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56716
2 BROUNE, Sir Whiston  1458Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56231
3 DE HOLDENBY, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1412Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55758
4 FROWKYE, Joan  Abt 1294Cople, Bedfordshire, England I57188
5 GOSTWICK, Christiana  1380Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56241
6 MORDAUNT, Cassandra  Abt 1412Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56714
7 MORDAUNT, Elizabeth  Abt 1460Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55755
8 MORDAUNT, Jane  Abt 1462Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55757
9 MORDAUNT, Joan  1462Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55759
10 MORDAUNT, John  Abt 1434Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56234
11 MORDAUNT, Lord John  28 Jan 1483Cople, Bedfordshire, England I54227
12 MORDAUNT, Robert Esquire  Abt 1368Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56238
13 MORDAUNT, Robert  Abt 1434Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56235
14 MORDAUNT, Wiliam  1238Cople, Bedfordshire, England I58075
15 MORDAUNT, William  1432Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55232
16 PEAKE, John  21 Apr 1434Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56242
17 PEAKE, Margaret  Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55233
18 PECK, John  1378Cople, Bedfordshire, England I57198
19 WAKE, Rose  Abt 1263Cople, Bedfordshire, England I57607
20 WATKINS, Margaret  1434Cople, Bedfordshire, England I54544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ATKINS, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1565Cople, Bedfordshire, England I2569
2 DE HOLDENBY, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1412Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55758


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROKE, Ellen  Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56716
2 DE HOLDENBY, Elizabeth  2 Dec 1469Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55758
3 GOSTWICK, Christiana  Abt 1430Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56241
4 MORDAUNT, Edmund  1381Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56715
5 PEAKE, John  1464Cople, Bedfordshire, England I56242
6 PEAKE, Margaret  2 Dec 1496Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55233
7 PECK, John  1406Cople, Bedfordshire, England I57198
8 WATKINS, John II  1478Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55601
9 WINTER, Agnes Alice  1434Cople, Bedfordshire, England I55761


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 De Peche / De Peche  Abt 1392Cople, Bedfordshire, England F29290
2 Peake / Gostwick  Abt 1398Cople, Bedfordshire, England F28580
3 Peake / Watkins  1453Cople, Bedfordshire, England F28819