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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bernard Lord of Harcourt Cailleville Beauficel  Abt 860Denmark I89798
2 Bernard of Pont-Audemer  860Denmark I98549
3 King Frotho VI of Denmark  Abt 822Denmark I26241
4 Gottffried  Abt 840Denmark I39340
5 Ingeborg  1362Denmark I74242
6 Ingiald  Abt 815Denmark I97830
7 Mrs. Ivar Halfdansson  613Denmark I83136
8 Mrs. Ivar Halfdansson  614Denmark I83139
9 King Sanct Knut IV  1040Denmark I24004
10 Siward of Northumbria  Bef 1015Denmark I23142
11 Queen Thyra of Norway  Abt 947Denmark I25462
12 Torf The Rich Dane  Abt 930Denmark I89760
13 ALFSDATTER, Gauthild  Abt 614Denmark I309
14 BIORNSSON, Siward  Abt 1005Denmark I22725
15 BIORNSSON, Siward Earl of Northumberland  Abt 1020Denmark I12
16 CREPON, Duvaline de  944Denmark I10568
17 DANE, Sweyn I Forkbeard  Abt 945Denmark I64878
18 DE CREPON, Devalina  944Denmark I10569
19 DE GUÎNES, Siegfried  Abt 885Denmark I98554
20 DE TANCARVILLE, Tancrède  890Denmark I64873
21 DENMARK, Harold King Of Bluetooth  911Denmark I24935
22 DENMARK, Knud Gormsson Prince Of  Abt 866Denmark I25771
23 DI DANSSON, Fro  Abt 433Denmark I698
24 DI FRIDLEIFSSON, Fro  Abt 479Denmark I222
25 DI HAVARSSON, Fro  Abt 347Denmark I702
26 DIGERA, Siward Earl of Northumberland  Aft 951Denmark I23362
27 ESTRIDSEN, Asbjørn Jarl  1018Denmark I98470
28 ESTRIDSEN, Canute IV  1042Denmark I23996
29 ESTRIDSEN, Niels  Abt 1025Denmark I98472
30 ESTRIDSEN, King Niels of Denmark  1065Denmark I87721
31 FIONNLAITH Mrs  Denmark I26223
32 FRIDLEIFSSON, Haver  Abt 325Denmark I703
33 FRODASSON, Fridleif  Abt 456Denmark I247
34 FRODASSON, Halfdan of Denmark  Abt 503Denmark I5418
35 FRODASSON, Ingjald  Abt 501Denmark I264
36 FRODASSON, Vermund  Abt 369Denmark I701
37 GORMSSON, Harald King of Denmark  Abt 910Denmark I39
38 GORMSSON, King Harold III of Denmark and Norway  Abt 910Denmark I25767
39 HALFDANSSON Mrs.  614Denmark I83140
40 HALFDANSSON, Hraerek  Abt 629Denmark I691
41 HALFDANSSON, Ivar King in Sweden  Abt 612Denmark I420
42 HALFDANSSON, Mrs. Ivar  616Denmark I83141
43 HALFDANSSON, Reginfradus  Abt 784Denmark I39822
44 HARALDSDATTER, Eudocia  Denmark I80570
45 HARALDSDATTER, Gunhild Princess of Denmark  Abt 949Denmark I46
46 HARALDSSONN, Svend I King of Denmark Norway and Eng  Abt 960Denmark I35
47 HARDEKNUDSDATTER, Gudrid  887Denmark I26233
48 HARDEKNUDSSON, Gudrid  Abt 842Denmark I26227
49 HASBJÖRNSDATTER, Margareta Queen consort of Denmark  1058Denmark I98479
50 HELGISDATTER, Yrsa  Abt 565Denmark I5635
51 HRAEREKSSON, Harald  Abt 655Denmark I96
52 HROARSSON, Valdar  Abt 547Denmark I5375
53 HUNDA STEINAR, Earl England  Denmark I39352
54 IVARSDATTER, Aud  Abt 610Denmark I692
55 JÄRNSIDA AV UPSALA, Björn  Abt 777Denmark I8468
56 KING OF DENMARK, Gormo  Denmark I25200
57 KLAK- HARALD, King Godfried of Haithgbu  844Denmark I39329
58 KNUDSSON, Geva King of Denmark  Abt 840Denmark I47
59 LODBROK, Sigurd Ragnarsson  Abt 765Denmark I60
60 MAGISSON, Seskef King of Denmark  999 BCDenmark I762
61 MAGNUSSON, Ivar  865Denmark I64909
62 MONTE GOMMERI, Sihtric De  870Denmark I26337
63 OF ENGLAND, Hunda-Steinar  Abt 778Denmark I39353
64 OLAFSSON, Dan  Abt 412Denmark I699
65 OLAFSSON, Magnus  845Denmark I64945
66 PA DENMARK, Thyre Queen of Denmark  Abt 844Denmark I48
67 PA DENMARK, Ughna Princess of Denmark  Abt 160Denmark I616
68 RADBARTSSON, Randver  Abt 670Denmark I82
69 RAGNARSDOTTIR, Alof  Abt 792Denmark I39311
70 RAGNARSDOTTIR, Ålov  Abt 786Denmark I8469
71 RAGNARSSON, Björn Ironside  Abt 777Denmark I97839
72 RAGNARSSON, Bjorn  Abt 777Denmark I357
73 RAGNARSSON LODBROCK, Hvitserk  Abt 790Denmark I39310
74 RAGNARSSON LODBROCK, Rognvald  Abt 791Denmark I39312
75 RAGNHILD, Queen Hilda  953Denmark I39361
76 RANDVERSSON, Sigurd  710Denmark I5323
77 SAUMUR, Gelduin I de Seiur  Abt 940Denmark I90164
78 SVENDSDATTER, Estrid  Abt 980Denmark I24929
79 SVENDSDATTER, Estrid Margarete Princess of Denmark  Abt 997Denmark I33
80 SVENDSSON, Mrs- Harald II Queen Of Denmark  Abt 993Denmark I98489
82 ULFSSON, Bjorn Earl in Denmark  Abt 1021Denmark I10
83 VAN FRIESLAND, Godfried II  Abt 820Denmark I39330
84 VERMUNDSSON, Olaf  Abt 391Denmark I700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 King Ivar of Sweden and Denmark  612Denmark I83135


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 King Frotho VI of Denmark  Abt 875Denmark I26241
2 Harald II King Of Denmark  1018Denmark I98486
3 HardeKnudsdatter  Abt 890Denmark I26225
4 Queen Sida of Denmark  860Denmark I25759
5 BIFRONSDATTER Miss  Abt 1085Denmark I98480
6 DE FLANDERS, Matilda  1115Denmark I23520
7 ESTRIDSEN, Asbjørn Jarl  1086Denmark I98470
8 EYSTEINSDOTTR, Geva  Abt 808Denmark I92299
9 FIONNLAITH Mrs  Abt 860Denmark I26223
10 HAAKONSON, Erik Jarl  1024Denmark I23877
11 HEIDREKSDATTER, Hildur  Abt 810Denmark I26289
12 HELGESSON, Hjorvard King of Skjelland  Denmark I83162
13 KING OF THE HERULI, Miecislaus I  368Denmark I9605
14 KLAK- HARALD, King Godfried of Haithgbu  Denmark I39329
15 OLAFSSON, Alf  640Denmark I79849
16 RAGNHILD, Queen Hilda  Denmark I39361
17 SWEDEN, Gyrithe Princess Of  Abt 965Denmark I63698


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Amfleda of the Ostrogoths  540Denmark I9250
2 King Frotho VI of Denmark  Abt 875Denmark I26241
3 HardeKnudsdatter  Abt 890Denmark I26225
4 King Ivar of Sweden and Denmark  647Denmark I83135
5 KING OF THE HERULI, Miecislaus I  368Denmark I9605


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CREPON, Duvaline de  <0944>Denmark I10568
2 GANDOLFSDATTER, Alfhild  Abt 735Denmark I76
3 LODBROK, Sigurd Ragnarsson  Abt 786Denmark I60
4 SIGURDSDATTER, Aslaug  Abt 765Denmark I68


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Denmark F43332
2 /   Abt 840Denmark F14016
3 /   Abt 840Denmark F14195
4 / Brioquibec  Abt 950Denmark F47358
5 / Svendsson  Abt 1018Denmark F51940
6 Beron /   1019Denmark F51930
7 DENMARK / DENMARK  Abt 923Denmark F14058
8 Denmark / NN  Abt 299Denmark F52008
9 Fridleifsson /   Abt 346Denmark F658
10 Frodasson /   Denmark F298
11 Frodasson /   Denmark F410
12 Halfdansson /   Abt 564Denmark F384
13 Halfdansson / Alfsdatter  Abt 632Denmark F339
14 Halfdansson / Ivarsdatter  Abt 654Denmark F106
15 Ingjaldsson /   Denmark F651
16 Knudsson / pa Denmark  Abt 897Denmark F58
17 od Gardarige / Ivarsdatter  Abt 669Denmark F93
18 Olafsson /   Abt 609Denmark F41797
19 Radbartsson /   Abt 709Denmark F92
20 Sigurdsson /   Abt 839Denmark F64
21 Sigurdsson / Sigurdsdatter  Abt 783Denmark F51608
22 Svenssen /   Abt 860Denmark F13786
23 Svenssen /   Abt 860Denmark F13896
24 Svenssen /   Abt 860Denmark F13959
25 Svenssen /   Abt 860Denmark F13993
26 The Valiant Haraldsson / Kinriksdatter  Abt 611Denmark F378
27 Thorgilsson / Svensdottir  1018Denmark F51931
28 Vermundsson /   Abt 411Denmark F655


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Frodasson /   Denmark F298