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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  1281England, United Kingdom I67212
2 Agnes  Abt 1530England, United Kingdom I96202
3 Alice  1539England, United Kingdom I100556
4 Alison  1526England, United Kingdom I13285
5 Amabel  1102England, United Kingdom I62539
6 Catherine  Abt 1395England, United Kingdom I56834
7 Daughter Delves  1380England, United Kingdom I66415
8 Dorcas  Abt 1600England, United Kingdom I47131
9 Elizabeth  1335England, United Kingdom I56160
10 Elizabeth  Abt 1632England, United Kingdom I31038
11 Ellen  1298England, United Kingdom I16352
12 Eva  1277England, United Kingdom I49831
13 Geoffrey VI Count of Nantes Geoffrey of Anjou Geoffrey FitzEmpress  1 Jun 1134England, United Kingdom I34749
14 Hannah  1636England, United Kingdom I67673
15 Lydia  England, United Kingdom I72494
16 N N  1150England, United Kingdom I60322
17 Nicholas de Stuteville  1191England, United Kingdom I15197
18 Phillippa  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom I21009
19 Sara  England, United Kingdom I65389
20 AGUILLON, Hawise  1242England, United Kingdom I45036
21 AGUILLON, Hugh  1200England, United Kingdom I45080
22 ALDRICH, John  1502England, United Kingdom I46526
23 ALLEN  Abt 1540England, United Kingdom I72280
24 ALLEN  Abt 1540England, United Kingdom I72281
25 ANGEVIN, Godfrey le  Abt 1090England, United Kingdom I50506
26 ANGEVIN, Mrs Godfrey le  Abt 1092England, United Kingdom I50507
27 ARNOLD, Eleanor  1574England, United Kingdom I72312
28 ARNOLD, Robert  1583England, United Kingdom I72311
29 ATKINSON, Lady Cora Elizabeth  1586England, United Kingdom I67603
30 ATWOOD, Peter John  1380England, United Kingdom I55296
31 AUBERVILLE, Alice  1180England, United Kingdom I58349
32 BALDWIN, William  1540England, United Kingdom I72692
33 BARNARD, Thomas  1472England, United Kingdom I55167
34 BARREY, Thomas  1600England, United Kingdom I47207
35 BAXTER, Mary  Abt 1620England, United Kingdom I30892
36 BELCHER, Havis  1470England, United Kingdom I68323
37 BENNETT, Margaret  Abt 1514England, United Kingdom I53976
38 BENNETT, Thomas  Abt 1510England, United Kingdom I65497
39 BENTLEY, Alice  Abt 1525England, United Kingdom I83941
40 BESSYLLES  1265England, United Kingdom I58402
41 BESSYLLES  1265England, United Kingdom I58403
42 BEST, Elizabeth Robinsonne  Abt 1401England, United Kingdom I68359
43 BESYN, Mrs John  Abt 1315England, United Kingdom I16367
44 BETTS  Abt 1550England, United Kingdom I71365
45 BETTS, F  1576England, United Kingdom I70285
46 BISHOP  Abt 1521England, United Kingdom I30881
47 BISSET, Margaret Annora  1179England, United Kingdom I67014
48 BOLDERO, John  Abt 1565England, United Kingdom I67625
49 BOLLING, Edward  1516England, United Kingdom I96116
50 BORDEN, Joanna  1584England, United Kingdom I11748
51 BRADFORD, Parez  Abt 1592England, United Kingdom I53326
52 BRADSHAW, Mrs. Henry  Abt 1507England, United Kingdom I65821
53 BRANDON, Anne  Abt 1485England, United Kingdom I12765
54 BRAUNCHE, Marion  1540England, United Kingdom I12464
55 BROOKES, George  1554England, United Kingdom I65505
56 BULLEN, Edward  1531England, United Kingdom I95863
57 BULMER, Prudence  1540England, United Kingdom I73056
58 BURTON, Edward  1504England, United Kingdom I55491
59 CAILLOUET, Isaac  aproximadamente 1560England, United Kingdom I81465
60 CAREY, Henry  1602England, United Kingdom I96055
61 CARTER, Thomas  Abt 1500England, United Kingdom I72515
62 CATTERALL, Agnes  Abt 1365England, United Kingdom I58397
63 CHADWELL Mr  1530England, United Kingdom I95902
64 CHAMBERLAYNE, Thomas  Abt 1573England, United Kingdom I70895
65 CHASE, Mary  Abt 1598England, United Kingdom I11351
66 CHENEY, John Jr  1628England, United Kingdom I30898
67 CLARK  Abt 1545England, United Kingdom I30887
68 CLARK, John  1387England, United Kingdom I55924
69 CLARK, Robert  Abt 1543England, United Kingdom I30886
70 CLARKE, William  1540England, United Kingdom I54127
71 COLLIGNON, Catherine  Abt 1274England, United Kingdom I16094
72 COMBE, John  1501England, United Kingdom I12134
73 COMBS  1410England, United Kingdom I65544
74 CONSTABLE, Anna  Abt 1595England, United Kingdom I47107
75 CONY, Stephen  1550England, United Kingdom I53223
76 CORBET, Reginald  1453England, United Kingdom I47826
77 COX, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I80559
78 COX, John  1300England, United Kingdom I80557
79 COX, Thomas  1318England, United Kingdom I80560
80 COX, Thomas G  1270England, United Kingdom I80562
81 COX, Thos G  1251England, United Kingdom I80564
82 DALTON, Sybell  1490England, United Kingdom I54203
83 DE AULA, Roger  1140England, United Kingdom I59201
84 DE BEAUCHAMP, Aleonore  1330England, United Kingdom I15333
85 DE CAMPO ARNULF, Jordan  1120England, United Kingdom I60885
86 DE COTTEN, Robert  1340England, United Kingdom I57905
87 DE FOLIOT, Beatrice  Abt 1218England, United Kingdom I45073
88 DE MARSHALL DE QUINCY, Lady Margaret  Bef 1170England, United Kingdom I90198
89 DE NORTHWODE, Roger  1327England, United Kingdom I58295
90 DE QUINCY, Mrs Robert  1040England, United Kingdom I23017
91 DE SHARESHULL, N. N.  1180England, United Kingdom I98881
92 DE TICHESEY, Geffery  1205England, United Kingdom I74781
93 DE TYDESLEY, Katherine  Abt 1532England, United Kingdom I73032
94 DE VERDUN, Alicia  Abt 1110England, United Kingdom I50576
95 DE VERE, William  Aft 1070England, United Kingdom I23644
96 DE WAURE, Mrs Robert  Abt 1232England, United Kingdom I58744
97 DEBURTON, Walter  1165England, United Kingdom I83525
98 DEL HOLTE, William  1520England, United Kingdom I55471
99 DELEE, Fulke  Abt 1454England, United Kingdom I13635
100 DEVAUCELLES, Charles  1527England, United Kingdom I47392
101 DOBSON, Johanne  1511England, United Kingdom I31112
102 DRAKE, third son of Nicolas  1252England, United Kingdom I48844
103 EATON, Mrs Jonathon  Abt 1611England, United Kingdom I47142
104 EDWARDS, Margaret  1574England, United Kingdom I11642
105 ELIZABETH  Abt 1296England, United Kingdom I73754
106 ENGLAND, Mrs Stephen  Abt 1094England, United Kingdom I36826
107 ENNEFIELD, Elizabeth  1345England, United Kingdom I57505
108 FERRERS, Margaret  1520England, United Kingdom I73155
109 FILKES, George  Abt 1531England, United Kingdom I12010
110 FINCH, Jane  1555England, United Kingdom I20448
111 FITTON, Sir Edward  Abt 1220England, United Kingdom I33489
112 FITZHERBERT, Ida  1225England, United Kingdom I74690
113 FITZROY DUCHESS OF BRITTANY, Maude  1091England, United Kingdom I23158
114 FLAMOCK, Mrs Marke  Abt 1262England, United Kingdom I45046
115 FLOYDE, John  Abt 1510England, United Kingdom I31120
116 FLOYDE, Mrs. John  Abt 1510England, United Kingdom I31121
117 GAMAGE, Margaret Agnes  Abt 1480England, United Kingdom I100846
118 GARDINER, Edmond  1314England, United Kingdom I19714
119 GAUNT, Amos  Abt 1542England, United Kingdom I54091
120 GAUNT, Ann  Abt 1544England, United Kingdom I54092
121 GAUNT, Clayton DeCou  Abt 1546England, United Kingdom I54093
122 GAUNT, Elizabeth  Abt 1548England, United Kingdom I54094
123 GAUNT, John  Abt 1550England, United Kingdom I54095
124 GAUNT, Rachel  Abt 1553England, United Kingdom I54096
125 GAUNT, Samuel  Abt 1555England, United Kingdom I54097
126 GERARD, Joan  CA 1390England, United Kingdom I66222
127 GERY, Richard  Abt 1542England, United Kingdom I12195
128 GERY, Thomasin  Abt 1544England, United Kingdom I12196
129 GERY, William  Abt 1589England, United Kingdom I11934
130 GILBERT, Richard  1400England, United Kingdom I68462
131 GILBERT, Mrs. Richard  Abt 1402England, United Kingdom I68464
132 GILPIN, Isabel  Abt 1421England, United Kingdom I15909
133 GILPIN, Margaret  Abt 1419England, United Kingdom I15908
134 GODFREY, Susanna  Abt 1551England, United Kingdom I31322
135 GRAY, John  15 Apr 1626England, United Kingdom I47102
136 GREGORY, Robert  Abt 1530England, United Kingdom I72796
137 GREY, George  1500England, United Kingdom I13827
138 GRIEG, Mrs. John  Abt 1269England, United Kingdom I17366
139 GRIFFITH II, Walter  England, United Kingdom I55648
140 HADINGTON, Agnes  1395England, United Kingdom I16180
141 HAMPDEN, Edmund  Abt 1438England, United Kingdom I73721
142 HAMPTON, Edward  1579England, United Kingdom I53695
143 HAMPTON, James  Abt 1578England, United Kingdom I53691
144 HASELDON Mrs  Abt 1355England, United Kingdom I96339
145 HAWXHURST, Christopher  1475England, United Kingdom I72518
146 HEGGE, Mrs Robert  1237England, United Kingdom I57515
147 HEGGE, Robert  Abt 1237England, United Kingdom I57514
148 HENLEY, John  1577England, United Kingdom I72719
149 HERON, Thomazine  1517England, United Kingdom I70780
150 HILLARY, William  Abt 1266England, United Kingdom I17456
151 HOLTE  Abt 1521England, United Kingdom I55984
152 HOLYNWORTH, Alexander Hepworth de  Abt 1430England, United Kingdom I55708
153 HORLOCK, Mary  Abt 1583England, United Kingdom I54424
154 HORN  Abt 1482England, United Kingdom I53809
155 HOWARD, Lady Muriel  Abt 1524England, United Kingdom I82632
156 HUDDIE, Henry  Abt 1515England, United Kingdom I55103
157 HUNTINGTON, Mrs John  Abt 1325England, United Kingdom I19909
158 HURST, Catherine  1589England, United Kingdom I53748
159 KEMP, Thomas  1238England, United Kingdom I83538
160 KEMP, William  1240England, United Kingdom I83537
161 KEY, Roger  Abt 1405England, United Kingdom I48354
162 KEYE, Thomas John  1471England, United Kingdom I47495
163 KING, Agnes  Abt 1550England, United Kingdom I72672
164 KING, Jone  Abt 1554England, United Kingdom I72674
165 KING, Sarah  1521England, United Kingdom I72927
166 LANE, Ralph  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom I13756
167 LEE, Philip de  Abt 1300England, United Kingdom I18703
168 LEE, Stephen de  Abt 1317England, United Kingdom I18706
169 LEWIS, Thomas  1510England, United Kingdom I47707
170 LIPPENCOTT, Ann  1517England, United Kingdom I55148
171 LOWE, Ellen  1525England, United Kingdom I83990
172 LUMPKIN, Ann  1621England, United Kingdom I46776
173 MACOMBER  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom I53392
174 MAKERNESS, Thomas  Abt 1485England, United Kingdom I83806
175 MALLORY, Mrs William  Abt 1250England, United Kingdom I49076
176 MAPES, Christopher  Abt 1518England, United Kingdom I70779
177 MAPLETT, Mary  1580England, United Kingdom I72236
178 MARR, Mrs. Henry  Abt 1505England, United Kingdom I54449
179 MARSH, Hannah  1614England, United Kingdom I71890
180 MARSH, Onesiphorus  1630England, United Kingdom I30788
181 MASCALL, Jane  1621England, United Kingdom I70209
182 MASSEY, Alice  Abt 1490England, United Kingdom I12596
183 MASTERS, Esther  Aft 1610England, United Kingdom I11668
184 MASTERS, John  1613England, United Kingdom I11673
185 MASTERS, Joseph  1617England, United Kingdom I11669
186 MASTERS, Philip  1619England, United Kingdom I11671
187 MASTERS, Thomas  1420England, United Kingdom I83838
188 MASTERS, Thomas  1625England, United Kingdom I11674
189 METCALFE, Lady  1503England, United Kingdom I70428
190 METZLER, Anna Barbara  Abt 1533England, United Kingdom I12009
191 MEWES, William  Abt 1510England, United Kingdom I45579
192 MILLS, Richard  1390England, United Kingdom I54807
193 MONTFORT, Baldwin  Abt 1377England, United Kingdom I80360
194 MONTFORT, Margaret  Abt 1379England, United Kingdom I80364
195 MONTFORT, Thomas  Abt 1379England, United Kingdom I80363
196 NEALE, Harriet  1255England, United Kingdom I80566
197 NEVILLE, Maud  1392England, United Kingdom I47656
198 NEWPORT, Robert  Abt 1461England, United Kingdom I67972
199 NIXON, Thomas  Abt 1575England, United Kingdom I20909
200 NOWERS, Mary  1362England, United Kingdom I18563

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Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BELLINGHAM, Grace  1559England, United Kingdom I13042
2 COOMBS, Richard  England, United Kingdom I65212
3 COX, Henry  1320England, United Kingdom I80559
4 CROMWELL, Sir Richard  England, United Kingdom I73693
5 CRUMP, Lydia  1628England, United Kingdom I70031
6 DE PIERREPONT, Miss Beatrice  1215England, United Kingdom I50917
7 DE SOMERY, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I17454
8 DE WINDSOR, Isabel  1347England, United Kingdom I57933
9 ECCLES, Alice  England, United Kingdom I74495
10 FILKES, Mary  England, United Kingdom I11528
11 GREY, Sir Edward of Enville  England, United Kingdom I47628
12 HOLLISTER, Lieut. John  28 May 1618England, United Kingdom I72089
13 JENKES, Thomas  1382England, United Kingdom I100040
14 RHYS, Richard ap  England, United Kingdom I83918
15 SHAKESPEARE, Joan  15 Apr 1569England, United Kingdom I83219
16 WALZ, Mary  1341England, United Kingdom I51416
17 WYNNE, Harri ap Cynwrig  England, United Kingdom I79484


Matches 1 to 199 of 199

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agnes  1460England, United Kingdom I55146
2 Conan Fergant III  24 Sep 1146England, United Kingdom I64830
3 Daughter Delves  1412England, United Kingdom I66415
4 Geoffrey VI Count of Nantes Geoffrey of Anjou Geoffrey FitzEmpress  27 Jul 1158England, United Kingdom I34749
5 Petronilla  1459England, United Kingdom I54777
6 Sara  England, United Kingdom I65389
7 Unknown  England, United Kingdom I96765
8 ARTER, Agnes  1 Feb 1579England, United Kingdom I72971
9 ASKE, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I15921
10 BANESTER, Ellen Banastre or  Abt 1483England, United Kingdom I96313
11 BARSTOW, Hannah  England, United Kingdom I54650
12 BEAUCHAMP, John de  12 Oct 1336England, United Kingdom I97480
13 BEAUFOREST, Thomas  1510England, United Kingdom I12749
14 BEESTON, Jane  1620England, United Kingdom I72812
15 BELLINGHAM, Ann  28 Jul 1635England, United Kingdom I12118
16 BERKELEY, John  1546England, United Kingdom I16822
17 BOLLING, Edward  1543England, United Kingdom I96116
18 BRACEBRIDGE, Richard  1501England, United Kingdom I83257
19 BRADBURY, Alice  1667England, United Kingdom I31074
20 BRADBURY, Jane  Aft 1502England, United Kingdom I65593
21 BRADSEA, Wilfred de  1225England, United Kingdom I67192
22 BROCKHOLES, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I98693
23 BROOKE, Alice  1559England, United Kingdom I53884
24 BUSSY, sir John sr.  3 Apr 1459England, United Kingdom I21100
25 CALTHORPE, Margareta  1405England, United Kingdom I56646
26 CAREY, Henry  1660England, United Kingdom I96055
27 CARPENTER, Margery  1460England, United Kingdom I80374
28 CARPENTER, Richard  1503England, United Kingdom I80378
29 CLARE, Adeliza de  England, United Kingdom I67230
30 CLARK, John  England, United Kingdom I55924
31 CLARKE, William  14 Apr 1609England, United Kingdom I54127
32 COCKE, Joan  Abt 1584England, United Kingdom I31032
33 COLDECOTE, Lady Joan  1470England, United Kingdom I54350
34 COLDWICH, Andrew  1506England, United Kingdom I66145
35 CONY, Stephen  1605England, United Kingdom I53223
36 COOKE, Lady Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I80541
37 COX, Henry  1400England, United Kingdom I80559
38 COX, John  1379England, United Kingdom I80557
39 COX, Thomas  1380England, United Kingdom I80560
40 COX, Thomas G  1342England, United Kingdom I80562
41 COX, Thos G  1312England, United Kingdom I80564
42 COX III, John  Abt 1451England, United Kingdom I80542
43 CROWMARSH, Felicia  1305England, United Kingdom I49798
44 CROXTON, Margery  1100England, United Kingdom I60517
45 D'AUBIGNY, Lord of Belvoir William  1242England, United Kingdom I59595
46 DARCY, Elizabeth  1455England, United Kingdom I13607
47 DARCY, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1471England, United Kingdom I12770
48 DAVENPORT, Mary  England, United Kingdom I54993
49 DE ACTON, Roger  1309England, United Kingdom I59226
50 DE BALIOL, Reginald  England, United Kingdom I22320
51 DE BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth  29 Jun 1368England, United Kingdom I19265
52 DE BIDUM, Egaline  England, United Kingdom I51136
53 DE BODRIGAN, Isabella  England, United Kingdom I49508
54 DE BOHUN, Joane  1375England, United Kingdom I17129
55 DE BOYS, William  1329England, United Kingdom I73577
56 DE BROOKS, Lord Adam  1194England, United Kingdom I50105
57 DE BRUIJN, Eleonore  Abt 1540England, United Kingdom I68338
58 DE BULKELEY, Agnes  Bef 1475England, United Kingdom I55964
59 DE CAMPO ARNULF, Jordan  1152England, United Kingdom I60885
60 DE COTTEN, Robert  DecessedEngland, United Kingdom I57905
61 DE CUMBERLAND, Grecia  1162England, United Kingdom I74934
62 DE ENGLEFIELD, Sir William Justice Itinerant  1263England, United Kingdom I57806
63 DE FOLIOT, Beatrice  England, United Kingdom I45073
64 DE FURNIVAL, Margaret  Aft 1289England, United Kingdom I62183
65 DE GREY, John  1387England, United Kingdom I19085
66 DE LA BECHE, Galipidus  DeceasedEngland, United Kingdom I80844
67 DE LA BROOKS, John  1274England, United Kingdom I49157
68 DE LA HILL OF BRDGNORTH, Hugh  Aft 23 Apr 1358England, United Kingdom I84955
69 DE LUCY, Sir Thomas  5 Dec 1365England, United Kingdom I75435
70 DE MORLAIS, Pierre Viscount de Leon Prince of Brittany  England, United Kingdom I60106
71 DE ST. LIZ, Saint Waltheof  1160England, United Kingdom I22854
72 DE ST. MARTIN, Lawrence  1318England, United Kingdom I48189
73 DE SUTTON, Robert  Abt 1291England, United Kingdom I16319
74 DEBURTON, Walter  Abt 1270England, United Kingdom I83525
75 DEFERRERS, Margaret  1580England, United Kingdom I55138
76 DEVEREUX, Lady Elizabeth  1510England, United Kingdom I14478
77 DONNET, John I  England, United Kingdom I56909
78 DRURY, Anne  24 Oct 1595England, United Kingdom I71343
79 DUNHAM, Robert  3 Jan 1463England, United Kingdom I16648
80 ELRINGTON, Sir John  12 Dec 1483England, United Kingdom I14716
81 FERRERS, Margaret  1580England, United Kingdom I55126
82 FITZWALTER, Alice de Clare  Aft 1213England, United Kingdom I16327
83 FLEMING  England, United Kingdom I10293
84 FORD, William Atte  1325England, United Kingdom I48544
85 FORMAN, Susannah  18 Feb 1635England, United Kingdom I8653
86 GARDINER, Edmond  1410England, United Kingdom I19714
87 GARNEYS, William  1424England, United Kingdom I56093
88 GERMUND, John  1215England, United Kingdom I33719
89 GODFREY, Mary Lydia  18 Sep 1591England, United Kingdom I67907
90 GOODRICKE, Christopher  Bef 1564England, United Kingdom I31135
91 GRAAS, Catharine  DeceasedEngland, United Kingdom I17390
92 GRIFFITH II, Walter  1531England, United Kingdom I55648
93 GWILYM, Arnholt ap  1456England, United Kingdom I74035
94 HAMPTON, John IV de  CA 1525England, United Kingdom I54647
95 HARVEY, Anne  1320England, United Kingdom I80561
96 HASTINGS, Richard  1503England, United Kingdom I15498
97 HAYWARD, James  1380England, United Kingdom I15855
98 HEGGE, Lady Margaret  England, United Kingdom I57090
99 HEGGE, Mrs Robert  England, United Kingdom I57515
100 HOPKINS, Mary Cleare  Bef 1638England, United Kingdom I12219
101 HORDE, Martha  1592England, United Kingdom I47471
102 HORLOCK, Mary  England, United Kingdom I54424
103 HOWARD, Katherine  31 Mar 1530England, United Kingdom I82630
104 HOWARD, Margaret  1484England, United Kingdom I82666
105 HUSSEY, William  1400England, United Kingdom I56939
106 HYLLARY, Sir Roger  1403England, United Kingdom I17455
107 IEUAN, Morfudd ferch  Abt 1416England, United Kingdom I52327
108 JERMY, Elizabeth  Abt 1560England, United Kingdom I56094
109 KEY, Martha  Bef 1496England, United Kingdom I47903
110 KEY, Roger  1406England, United Kingdom I48354
111 LANSDALL, Lady Margaret  Aft 1395England, United Kingdom I15994
112 LE SCROPE, William  12 May 1463England, United Kingdom I83405
113 LE STRANGE, Hamo  1160England, United Kingdom I96608
114 LE STRANGE, Matilda  14 May 1242England, United Kingdom I78819
115 LILLING, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1464England, United Kingdom I55672
116 LOVELL, Gregory  1495England, United Kingdom I13579
117 LUCY, Radigund  England, United Kingdom I45601
118 LYMAN, Mrs. Espilon  England, United Kingdom I54916
119 MANLEY, William  England, United Kingdom I72939
120 MANSFIELD, John  Jul 1614England, United Kingdom I2655
121 MARCHE, Margaret Lyn  1499England, United Kingdom I54725
122 MATHEWS, John Sr.  3 Apr 1524England, United Kingdom I100842
123 MCDONALD, Janet  1463England, United Kingdom I21087
124 MELTON, Sir Thomas  24 May 1455England, United Kingdom I20090
125 MERCER, Sir John  1500England, United Kingdom I13991
126 MONTAGU, Lady Elizabeth  1679England, United Kingdom I70924
127 MUSGRAVE, Adam De  England, United Kingdom I96757
128 MUSGRAVE, Walter De  England, United Kingdom I96745
129 MUSGRAVE, Mrs Walter De  England, United Kingdom I96753
130 NEALE, Harriet  1300England, United Kingdom I80566
131 NEWPORT, Anne  1550England, United Kingdom I44689
132 NORFOLK, Margaret Marshall Plantagenet of  24 Mar 1399England, United Kingdom I73675
133 NORWICH, Alice De  Abt 1342England, United Kingdom I17549
134 NOTBEAM, Margaret  23 Nov 1443England, United Kingdom I44755
135 ONSLOW, Mary Ann  1399England, United Kingdom I80565
136 OSBALDESTON, Hugo De  Aft 1205England, United Kingdom I60072
137 PARKER, James  England, United Kingdom I68260
138 PARKHURST  England, United Kingdom I72671
139 PARR, Dorothy  1542England, United Kingdom I13745
140 PARR, John  1487England, United Kingdom I13739
141 PARR, Margaret  1525England, United Kingdom I13742
142 PARR, Oliver  England, United Kingdom I13744
143 PAUNCEFOOT  Abt 1552England, United Kingdom I75806
144 PECCHE, Hamon  1241England, United Kingdom I17639
145 PHILIPS, Maiden  Aft 1360England, United Kingdom I48353
146 PIER EARL OF ESSEX, Geoffrey Fitz  2 Oct 1213England, United Kingdom I95515
147 POLE, Thomas De La  24 Nov 1361England, United Kingdom I16266
148 POPE, John II  England, United Kingdom I65344
149 PRESTWOOD, John  Aft 1333England, United Kingdom I66150
150 RAYMENT, Thomas Jr  1516England, United Kingdom I89483
151 RHYSWORTH, Mrs. Lacy  1551England, United Kingdom I96184
152 RICH, Dudley  24 Mar 1648England, United Kingdom I71031
153 RICH OF LONDON, Richard MP  1599England, United Kingdom I71034
154 RICHMOND, Ann  1380England, United Kingdom I80558
155 RODE, Robert de  1310England, United Kingdom I74650
156 ROGERS, John III  Jun 1601England, United Kingdom I72512
157 ROLLOCK, Margaret  1554England, United Kingdom I85047
158 RUSSELL, John  1349England, United Kingdom I17471
159 SAINT LEGER, Bartholomew  24 Feb 1516England, United Kingdom I55933
160 SANDILANDS, Baron James 1st Of Calder  Bef 1358England, United Kingdom I58530
161 SANFORD, William de  1416England, United Kingdom I17248
162 SHEPARD, Catherine  Abt 1560England, United Kingdom I47271
163 SHEPARD, Edmund  1549England, United Kingdom I47262
164 SHOTTESBROOKE, Robert  3 Jul 1474England, United Kingdom I56993
165 STANDISH, Cecily  31 Aug 1448England, United Kingdom I65816
166 STANLEY, Catherine  1557England, United Kingdom I13801
167 STAPLETON, Christian  1470England, United Kingdom I47836
168 STAPYLTON, Geoffrey de  1090England, United Kingdom I46279
169 STARKEY, Elizabeth  Aft 1550England, United Kingdom I55461
170 STEVENS, Joane  Oct 1579England, United Kingdom I13430
171 STEWART, Leona Fitzwilliam  Abt 1268England, United Kingdom I59670
172 STONOR, John  1499England, United Kingdom I55559
173 SUTTON, Matildis  1354England, United Kingdom I18762
174 SUTTON, William  1575England, United Kingdom I54733
175 SYSTAL, Arthur Ap  1410England, United Kingdom I74806
176 TALBOT, Sybil Heiress of Swanscombe  Abt 1200England, United Kingdom I51463
177 THOMASIN, Ann  Aft 1442England, United Kingdom I97708
178 THORNTON, Alice  1401England, United Kingdom I98695
179 TICHESEY, John  1310England, United Kingdom I74528
180 TOWNE, Thomas  1446England, United Kingdom I56856
181 TRERICE, Jane  England, United Kingdom I44981
182 TURNER, John  1479England, United Kingdom I55664
183 UMFRAVILLE, Robert  1390England, United Kingdom I66041
184 VACHELL, Miss Miss  England, United Kingdom I14109
185 VESCI, De  England, United Kingdom I62220
186 VESCI, Harvey de of Malton  England, United Kingdom I61687
187 VUCHAN, Margaret  1428England, United Kingdom I78947
188 WALWYN, Raymold  England, United Kingdom I68000
189 WARNER, Elizabeth  1500England, United Kingdom I54689
190 WASTNEYS, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I50652
191 WEDON, Ralph de  1257England, United Kingdom I92473
192 WEEKS, Susan  England, United Kingdom I75778
193 WHITNEY, Eleanor  1519England, United Kingdom I13304
194 WHITTINGTON, John  1525England, United Kingdom I14339
195 WILKINSON, Joane  Abt 1592England, United Kingdom I47033
196 WILLIAMS, Jane  1380England, United Kingdom I80563
197 WYCHINGHAM, Joan  England, United Kingdom I14041
198 WYDEVILLE, Elizabeth  1442England, United Kingdom I15430
199 WYNNINGTON, Alice  England, United Kingdom I17901


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Unknown  England, United Kingdom I96765
2 BAKER, Martha  England, United Kingdom I40031
3 BEESTON, Jane  1620England, United Kingdom I72812
4 BRADBURY, Jane  England, United Kingdom I65593
5 BROWNE, Sir George MP Sheriff Treasurer  Aft 4 Dec 1483England, United Kingdom I19496
6 CONY, Priscilla  1658England, United Kingdom I53050
7 CONY, Stephen  1605England, United Kingdom I53223
8 CROMWELL, Ulker  England, United Kingdom I73887
9 DANIELL, Sir Thomas the Knight  England, United Kingdom I18891
10 DE HENEAGE, William  England, United Kingdom I74234
11 DE LONGESPEE, Ida Idonea  1268England, United Kingdom I33593
12 DE SANDFORD, Alice  England, United Kingdom I96749
13 DUTTON, Dame Anne Countess of Sefton  England, United Kingdom I65571
14 GOODE, Digorie  England, United Kingdom I73001
15 HARDING, Richard  1534England, United Kingdom I14730
16 HOLEBEC, Alicia de  England, United Kingdom I96715
17 HORN, Mary  England, United Kingdom I53507
18 MARCHE, William  From 11 Feb 1613 to 1614England, United Kingdom I30790
19 MAUNSELL, John  Abt 1395England, United Kingdom I56648
20 MERRILL, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I31164
21 MERRILL, Mary  England, United Kingdom I31163
22 MUSGRAVE, Adam De  England, United Kingdom I96757
23 MUSGRAVE, Richard De  England, United Kingdom I96723
24 MUSGRAVE, Walter De  England, United Kingdom I96745
25 MUSGRAVE, Mrs Walter De  England, United Kingdom I96753
26 OSBERN, Nest ferch  England, United Kingdom I45489
27 PAUNCEFOOT  Abt 1552England, United Kingdom I75806
28 SCROPE ARCHDEACON OF RICHMOND CHANCELLOR OF CAMBRIDGE, Stephen Le  5 Sep 1418England, United Kingdom I83403
29 SHEPARD, Catherine  Abt 1560England, United Kingdom I47271
30 STARKEY, Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I55461
31 SUTTON, Dorothy  England, United Kingdom I13391
32 TALBOT, Sybil Heiress of Swanscombe  Abt 1200England, United Kingdom I51463
33 TURNOUR, Sir Edward Roger  1413England, United Kingdom I19384
34 TUTTLE, Mary  England, United Kingdom I82780
35 VERDON, Margaret  1363England, United Kingdom I15412
36 WARNER, Elizabeth  1500England, United Kingdom I54689
37 WHITE, Mary  1596England, United Kingdom I70624
38 WOTTON, Margaret  1541England, United Kingdom I14503
39 WYDEVILLE, Anne  1489England, United Kingdom I13812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Anafleda Queen of Wessex  Abt 560England, United Kingdom I9799


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Anafleda Queen of Wessex  Abt 560England, United Kingdom I9799


Matches 1 to 110 of 110

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Allerton  4 Nov 1611England, United Kingdom F33887
2 / of England  16 Apr 1205England, United Kingdom F11397
3 Adams / Howe  1650England, United Kingdom F27477
4 Angevin / Angevin  Abt 1115England, United Kingdom F25824
5 Ardenne / del outhe d ardenne  Bef 1431England, United Kingdom F7491
6 Ardenne / del outhe d ardenne  Bef 1431England, United Kingdom F7551
7 Asfordby / Newcomen  1606England, United Kingdom F36663
8 Attayate / Ashenden  Est 1335England, United Kingdom F34212
9 Baker / Baker  1755England, United Kingdom F20931
10 Beauchamp / Vivonne  Abt 1270England, United Kingdom F51401
11 Bell / Matthew  1510England, United Kingdom F16082
12 Bennett / Herrick  Abt 1563England, United Kingdom F34058
13 Blerick / Fleming  Jan 442England, United Kingdom F37948
14 Blount / De Beauchamp  Abt 1261England, United Kingdom F50555
15 Bohun III / De Rosa  1449England, United Kingdom F24640
16 Bradshaw / Gerard  Abt 1471England, United Kingdom F34144
17 Brent / Brent  1526England, United Kingdom F39523
18 Brewse / Calthorpe  Abt 1427England, United Kingdom F8079
19 Brooke / Ashfield  1463England, United Kingdom F35331
20 Brooke / Neville  1464England, United Kingdom F8944
21 Carpenter / Jennings  1435England, United Kingdom F42021
22 Clare / Bigod  Abt 1123England, United Kingdom F12803
23 Clarke / Lott  1584England, United Kingdom F27788
24 Clerke / Moyle  1470England, United Kingdom F23936
25 Coombs / Waterhouse  Abt 1524England, United Kingdom F33965
26 Crackenthorpe / Musgrave  1463England, United Kingdom F9914
27 de Bohun / Filliol  Bef 6 Nov 1342England, United Kingdom F24546
28 de Courtenay / of York  Abt 1495England, United Kingdom F7744
29 De Egerton / De Dutton  Abt 1445England, United Kingdom F34476
30 De Gernon Baron Montfitchet / Clare  Abt 1111England, United Kingdom F32531
31 De Gournai / FitzRobert  Abt 1122England, United Kingdom F31391
32 de Holland / de Latham  Est 1317England, United Kingdom F10533
33 De La Brookes / Hussey  1372England, United Kingdom F28692
34 De La Brooks / de Bulkeley  1399England, United Kingdom F28427
35 de Mortimer / Llewelyn  1230England, United Kingdom F11579
36 de Neville / de Audley  25 Nov 1317England, United Kingdom F9518
37 de Neville / de Audley  25 Nov 1317England, United Kingdom F9681
38 de Neville / Turnham  Aft 1180England, United Kingdom F31011
39 De Saint John / de Courtenay  Abt 1305England, United Kingdom F9482
40 De Septvans /   Abt 1208England, United Kingdom F51438
41 de Somery Baron of Dudley /   Abt 1278England, United Kingdom F9403
42 Doreward / Morrell  Bef 1366England, United Kingdom F24869
43 Doreward / Rochford  Bef 1390England, United Kingdom F24752
44 Dover / De Lucy  1145England, United Kingdom F17868
45 Flamoke / Flamock  Abt 1288England, United Kingdom F23169
46 Fortescue / Stoner  Abt 1496England, United Kingdom F27530
47 Francis / Francis  1359England, United Kingdom F8733
48 Goldstone / Jeffery  Abt 1598England, United Kingdom F35989
49 Greene / Fowke  Abt 1607England, United Kingdom F34054
50 Gregory / Chapman  Aft 1580England, United Kingdom F37557
51 Grieg / Grieg  Abt 1317England, United Kingdom F9261
52 Grimston / Fitz William  1413England, United Kingdom F9245
53 Grimston / Flinton  1413England, United Kingdom F9246
54 Hackett /   Abt 1477England, United Kingdom F35433
55 Hegge / Hegge  1277England, United Kingdom F29233
56 Hulgreve / de moston  1351England, United Kingdom F37829
57 Jones /   Abt 1591England, United Kingdom F51831
58 Jones / Collier  Abt 1625England, United Kingdom F27345
59 Joseph / Towcester  Abt 1384England, United Kingdom F23526
60 Key / Key  1395England, United Kingdom F24610
61 Key / Philips  Abt 1350England, United Kingdom F24735
62 Keye / Nadem  1496England, United Kingdom F24345
63 King / Beauchamp  1543England, United Kingdom F37616
64 Lee / Corbet  Abt 1276England, United Kingdom F25435
65 Lee / Wyatt  6 Jul 1532England, United Kingdom F27329
66 Leveson / Bradbury  Abt 1500England, United Kingdom F34105
67 Lily / Leachland  1568England, United Kingdom F27298
68 Mainwaring / Davenport  1310England, United Kingdom F8771
69 Maredudd / Kynaston  1532England, United Kingdom F39492
70 Maunsell /   1323England, United Kingdom F29044
71 Molyneux / Dutton  11 Jul 1463England, United Kingdom F34097
72 Moody /   1655England, United Kingdom F35158
73 Mortimer / verch Llywelyn  1230England, United Kingdom F43977
74 North / Fisher  1511England, United Kingdom F27379
75 Oates / Balmforth  Abt 1425England, United Kingdom F50795
76 of Dover / De Lucy  1145England, United Kingdom F17948
77 Page / Bright  1517England, United Kingdom F7334
78 Parke / Eaton  Aft 1631England, United Kingdom F24206
79 Pashley / Wydeville  1429England, United Kingdom F8498
80 Pashley / Wydeville  1429England, United Kingdom F8840
81 Pecche / FitzWalter  Abt 1193England, United Kingdom F8685
82 Pickering / Dryden  1612England, United Kingdom F36176
83 Plummer / Palmer  Abt 1618England, United Kingdom F15736
84 Reader / Reed  1569England, United Kingdom F6418
85 Rhysworth / Rhysworth  1471England, United Kingdom F50738
86 Richards / Hulins  1589England, United Kingdom F36585
87 Rogers /   Abt 1516England, United Kingdom F37300
88 Rogers / Ardyn  Abt 1570England, United Kingdom F37417
89 Ros / de Camville  Abt 1150England, United Kingdom F32253
90 Ross /   Abt 1320England, United Kingdom F37933
91 Sargent / Hetherington  1502England, United Kingdom F43697
92 Sargent / Hetherington  1502England, United Kingdom F43701
93 Sergeaux / de Badlesmere  Abt 1320England, United Kingdom F29091
94 Smythe / Rawls  Abt 1524England, United Kingdom F27332
95 Somery / Somery  Abt 1000England, United Kingdom F12726
96 Stanley / Hopton  Bef 7 Dec 1471England, United Kingdom F8931
97 Steinarsson / Ragnarsdottir  800England, United Kingdom F20559
98 Stone /   Abt 1627England, United Kingdom F37289
99 Teyes / Folliot  1254England, United Kingdom F50365
100 Travers / Thornton  1379England, United Kingdom F52061
101 TRENOUTH / Butler  Abt 1316England, United Kingdom F38947
102 Trerice / Trerice  Abt 1253England, United Kingdom F23194
103 Trott / TROTT  Abt 1562England, United Kingdom F37352
104 Wake Lord of Bourne / Stuteville  Abt 1236England, United Kingdom F35646
105 Ward / DeBois  Abt 1456England, United Kingdom F37656
106 Warde / Chamberlain  Abt 1549England, United Kingdom F37532
107 Welsh / Walsh  Abt 1326England, United Kingdom F9456
108 White / Huband  1560England, United Kingdom F36752
109 Willoughby / Montagu  Feb 1421England, United Kingdom F9512
110 Winslow / Tansley  1490England, United Kingdom F7963