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Flanders, Belgium



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnolph III "The Unlucky" Count of Flanders  1055Flanders, Belgium I99991
2 Count of Ostervant Geoffrey  1147Flanders, Belgium I62877
3 Gertrude  1070Flanders, Belgium I23510
4 Gertrude of Flanders  Abt 1070Flanders, Belgium I23524
5 Ledgarde Cntss of Gand  Abt 941Flanders, Belgium I26454
6 Luitgard de Flanders  Abt 941Flanders, Belgium I26440
7 Wichmann II Count Of Hamalant  920Flanders, Belgium I26705
8 ANJOU, Sibylle D'  1017Flanders, Belgium I23686
9 COUNTESS OF SURREY, Gundred de St Omer  CA 1063Flanders, Belgium I63395
10 CREQUY, Mahaut  Abt 860Flanders, Belgium I81011
11 D'OISY, Gauthier  1010Flanders, Belgium I10229
12 DAMPIERRE, Philippa de  1268Flanders, Belgium I85498
13 DE CAMBRAI, Raoul  Abt 864Flanders, Belgium I26021
14 DE FLANDERS, Elstrude  Abt 932Flanders, Belgium I26480
15 DE FLANDERS, Gertrude  1070Flanders, Belgium I62460
16 DE FLANDERS, Matilda  Abt 1102Flanders, Belgium I23520
17 DE GAND, Seigneur Ranaulf Raoul I d' Aalst  1022Flanders, Belgium I61677
18 DE HAINAULT, Arnold Arnulph  1088Flanders, Belgium I97435
19 DE HAINAUT, Aleidis  1098Flanders, Belgium I99902
20 ELSTRUDE of Flanders  Abt 940Flanders, Belgium I26489
21 ELSTRUDE OF FLANDERS  Aft 890Flanders, Belgium I26479
22 FLANDERS, Egbert De  Abt 936Flanders, Belgium I26484
23 FLANDRE, BAUDOUIN le Pieux  1030Flanders, Belgium I36546
24 FLEMING LL, Count of Flanders Robert  1065Flanders, Belgium I23516
25 LE BLONDEOR BLOUNT, William  Abt 1022Flanders, Belgium I25410
26 MARTEL, Charles  713Flanders, Belgium I39550
27 MARTEL DE HERISTAL, Charles Mayor of the Palace  698Flanders, Belgium I9031
28 VERMANDOIS, Eléonore de Countess of St Quientin  1135Flanders, Belgium I63311
29 VON LUXEMBURG-ARDENNEN, Gisele  um 1019Flanders, Belgium I97405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elfridam Princess of England  7 Jun 929Flanders, Belgium I26391
2 Wichmann II Count Of Hamalant  983Flanders, Belgium I26705
3 BULSTRODE, Robert  Flanders, Belgium I55904
4 CORBET, Renaud  1124Flanders, Belgium I24031
5 DE BOELARE, Stephen Baron of Boelars  1096Flanders, Belgium I95748
6 DE DAMPIERRE, Margaret  1331Flanders, Belgium I85338
7 DE NAMUR, Isabelle  1323Flanders, Belgium I85500
8 DECONTERVILLE, Baudouin CT Artoi  Flanders, Belgium I26526
9 ELSTRUDE OF FLANDERS  Flanders, Belgium I26479
10 FLANDERS, Maud de  Flanders, Belgium I26529
11 OF FLANDERS, Egbert  10 Jul 953Flanders, Belgium I26485
12 OF FLANDERS, Guinidilda  21 Aug 906Flanders, Belgium I26025
13 TEISTERBANT, Unroch van Graaf van Teisterbant  Aft 1026Flanders, Belgium I63863
14 VLAANDEREN, Baldwin Flanders Graaf van  Flanders, Belgium I26514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Robert I Count of Flanders  Flanders, Belgium I24512
2 OF FLANDERS, Baldwin II  10 Sep 918Flanders, Belgium I26026


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / De Flanders  1124Flanders, Belgium F12660
2 De Montfort / Mountfort  Abt 1025Flanders, Belgium F32282