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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mrs. Pons  Abt 1044Gloucestershire, England I46326
2 Rachel  1599Gloucestershire, England I82724
3 ADAM, Sir Thomas Ap  4 Oct 1304Gloucestershire, England I57871
4 AP ADAM, Robert  1326Gloucestershire, England I58408
5 BASSET, John  Abt 1483Gloucestershire, England I68114
6 BASSETT, Edward  Abt 1487Gloucestershire, England I68116
7 BELCHER  1280Gloucestershire, England I68675
8 BELCHER, Mrs. Richard  1350Gloucestershire, England I68407
9 BELCHER, Richard  1400Gloucestershire, England I68524
10 BESSYLLES, Mrs. Mathew  1313Gloucestershire, England I57870
11 BESYN, Elizabeth  Abt 1335Gloucestershire, England I15226
12 BESYN, John  Abt 1310Gloucestershire, England I16366
13 BITFIELD, William  1527Gloucestershire, England I30906
14 BROWNING, Richard  1387Gloucestershire, England I44945
15 CARY, William W  3 Oct 1550Gloucestershire, England I96009
16 CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs  Abt 1065Gloucestershire, England I62235
17 CHAPMAN, Emma  1523Gloucestershire, England I72807
18 CHARLTON, 'Sir' Roger DE  Abt 1330Gloucestershire, England I15225
19 CHARLTON, Mary  Abt 1355Gloucestershire, England I14295
20 CLARE, Agnes de  1224Gloucestershire, England I21835
21 CLARE, Gilbert de  12 Sep 1229Gloucestershire, England I21829
22 CLARE, Thomas De  Abt 1224Gloucestershire, England I21831
23 COLESHULL, John  1392Gloucestershire, England I44952
24 CORBET, Margaret  1352Gloucestershire, England I73800
25 CULPEPPER, of Oxon Hoath William  1387Gloucestershire, England I66587
26 DE ACTON, Roger  1273Gloucestershire, England I59226
27 DE BAALUM, Adelise  1105Gloucestershire, England I51461
28 DE BERKELEY, John  21 Jan 1351Gloucestershire, England I19336
29 DE BOHUN CONSTABLE OF ENGLAND EARL OF HEREFORD, Humphrey IV  1143Gloucestershire, England I22703
30 DE BRECON, Basilla  Abt 1038Gloucestershire, England I46416
31 DE CLARE, William  18 May 1228Gloucestershire, England I21827
32 DE GORGES, Ralph  1280Gloucestershire, England I57275
33 DE KNOXVILLE, Joan  1240Gloucestershire, England I59064
34 DE MARMION, John I  1257Gloucestershire, England I33714
35 DE PALMER, Stephanus  1140Gloucestershire, England I50133
36 DE SAINT MAUR, Nicholas  1284Gloucestershire, England I19863
37 DE SITSYLT, Baldwin  1185Gloucestershire, England I45125
38 DE WYNSLADE, Richard  Abt 1300Gloucestershire, England I18724
39 DECLARE, Richard  4 Aug 1222Gloucestershire, England I21838
40 DEGOURNAI, Anselm  1225Gloucestershire, England I59712
41 DEGOURNAY, John Beverstone  1247Gloucestershire, England I59065
42 DEHANHAM, Ismania  1347Gloucestershire, England I7248
43 DEPALMER, John  1198Gloucestershire, England I49835
44 FITZ PONS, Drogo  Abt 1077Gloucestershire, England I46377
45 FITZ PONS, Osbert  Abt 1083Gloucestershire, England I46374
46 FITZ PONS, Richard  Abt 1081Gloucestershire, England I46375
47 FITZ PONS, Simon  Abt 1085Gloucestershire, England I46376
48 FITZ PONS, Mrs Simon  Abt 1095Gloucestershire, England I46420
49 FITZ ROBERT, William x  Abt 23 Nov 1116Gloucestershire, England I22083
50 FITZ ROBERT, William 2nd Earl of Gloucester  Abt 23 Nov 1119Gloucestershire, England I35806
51 FITZHAMON, Mabel  Abt 1094Gloucestershire, England I80944
52 FITZHAMOND, Mabel  1090Gloucestershire, England I23709
53 FITZHARDING DE BERKELEY, Maud  1155Gloucestershire, England I46409
54 FITZPONS, Walter  Abt 1079Gloucestershire, England I46275
55 FITZROBERT, Mabel Countess of Gloucester  1100Gloucestershire, England I22382
56 FITZROBERT, Maud  Abt 1120Gloucestershire, England I22758
57 FITZROBERT, Maud  Abt 1120Gloucestershire, England I77887
58 FITZROBERT, William  2 Nov 1109Gloucestershire, England I80968
59 FITZROBERT, William Earl of Gloucester  Abt 1110Gloucestershire, England I22753
60 FITZWALTER, Drogo  Abt 1060Gloucestershire, England I67354
61 GRINDON, Agnes  1290Gloucestershire, England I16185
62 HALL, John Robert  1470Gloucestershire, England I55179
63 HARRIS, John  18 Mar 1625Gloucestershire, England I47005
64 HASTINGS, Joane  1505Gloucestershire, England I13773
65 HUNTLEY, John  Abt 1359Gloucestershire, England I58399
66 LA RAM, Matilda  1240Gloucestershire, England I66915
67 LE DESPENCER, Ann  1371Gloucestershire, England I17423
68 LE PALMER, William  1250Gloucestershire, England I49194
69 LEDESPENCER, Gilbert  Abt 1341Gloucestershire, England I19449
70 MATTIS, Estelle  28 Oct 1388Gloucestershire, England I68512
71 MIDDLESEX, Sarah  1559Gloucestershire, England I54643
72 MYLES, John  1565Gloucestershire, England I72799
73 OF CRICKLADE, Philip  Abt 1122Gloucestershire, England I22759
74 OF GLOUCESTER, Mabel  1128Gloucestershire, England I78628
75 PALMER, Joan  1470Gloucestershire, England I68469
76 PERESFORD, Margery  Abt 1345Gloucestershire, England I44930
77 PIERSON, Richard  1460Gloucestershire, England I12608
78 PLANTAGENET, Isabel Gloucester  1158Gloucestershire, England I22429
79 PONS, Simon Fitz  Abt 1068Gloucestershire, England I67241
80 PROCTER, Margaret  1368Gloucestershire, England I73431
81 READE, Thomas  1434Gloucestershire, England I16387
82 ROUS, John  1346Gloucestershire, England I44938
83 ROUSE, Sir John  1267Gloucestershire, England I58935
84 WATHEN, William  1595Gloucestershire, England I82720
85 WELLS, Elizabeth Anne  1436Gloucestershire, England I17706
86 WHITTINGTON, Mary Elizabeth  1465Gloucestershire, England I44881
87 WHITTINGTON, Sir William Lord of Pauntley  Abt 1340Gloucestershire, England I44972
88 YOUNG, Thomas  1394Gloucestershire, England I73256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FITZ ROBERT, William x  Gloucestershire, England I22083


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Basilia  Aft 1079Gloucestershire, England I67301
2 ANNE FORNLEY  1530Gloucestershire, England I18942
3 APPLEBY, Elizabeth  1384Gloucestershire, England I17705
4 BARTON, Joan  Gloucestershire, England I84868
5 BASSETT, Robert  13 Oct 1488Gloucestershire, England I68111
6 BRISCO, Robert M  1592Gloucestershire, England I54388
7 CHAPMAN, Emma  1606Gloucestershire, England I72807
8 CLARE, Gilbert de  Aft 1241Gloucestershire, England I21829
9 CLOPTON, William  1377Gloucestershire, England I15219
10 CORBET, Margaret  1398Gloucestershire, England I73800
11 DE BERKELEY, Margaret  4 May 1320Gloucestershire, England I57882
12 DE BOHUN, Humphrey 2nd Earl of Hereford  24 Sep 1275Gloucestershire, England I50883
13 DE GAMAGE, William  Aft 1328Gloucestershire, England I73789
14 DE GOURNAI, Lord John  1290Gloucestershire, England I59714
15 DE REDVERS, Hawis  1145Gloucestershire, England I51451
16 DEGOURNAI, Anselm  1286Gloucestershire, England I59712
17 FIELDS, Kimberly Elizabeth  1353Gloucestershire, England I19739
18 FITZHARDING DE BERKELEY, Maud  23 Dec 1190Gloucestershire, England I46409
19 FRANCIS, Adam  4 May 1375Gloucestershire, England I18016
20 HERBERT, Blanche  1589Gloucestershire, England I45554
21 HODY, Richard  1399Gloucestershire, England I49089
22 HOWE, Humphrey  1589Gloucestershire, England I12331
23 HULLINGS, Henry Titus  9 Nov 1608Gloucestershire, England I70051
24 LE ROUS, Sherriff Roger  31 Aug 1294Gloucestershire, England I58314
25 LONGCHAMP, Hawise de  1280Gloucestershire, England I61013
26 LUCE, Israel  1640Gloucestershire, England I44852
27 MALTRAVERS OF DORSET, Alicia  1250Gloucestershire, England I59162
28 MARSHAL, William Baron of Rye 1242 Baron of Exchequer 1266  Aug 1265Gloucestershire, England I49459
29 MUNSON, Remember  Gloucestershire, England I44839
30 PALMER, Joan  1524Gloucestershire, England I68469
31 POWELL, Walter Watkin  1588Gloucestershire, England I45555
32 READE, Thomas  1460Gloucestershire, England I16387
33 SOLIGNY, Philip de  1114Gloucestershire, England I51696
34 STONE, Ann  1609Gloucestershire, England I54416
35 WELLS, Elizabeth Anne  1460Gloucestershire, England I17706
36 WHITTINGTON, William Lord of Pauntley  1470Gloucestershire, England I44894
37 WINTER, William  Jan 1398Gloucestershire, England I17704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BETTESHORNE, Elizabeth  1420Gloucestershire, England I16728
2 CLIFFORD, Bertha  Gloucestershire, England I46313
3 DE GOURNAI, Lord John  1290Gloucestershire, England I59714
4 FITZWARIN, Agnes  1433Gloucestershire, England I14302
5 GOURNAI, Anselm de  1286Gloucestershire, England I60421


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adams / Elliott  1412Gloucestershire, England F28708
2 Bassett / Ashe  1558Gloucestershire, England F35176
3 Berkeley / Hastings  1526Gloucestershire, England F7385
4 Blount / Seymour  1465Gloucestershire, England F8146
5 Browne / Hulins  Abt 1622Gloucestershire, England F36407
6 Browning / Rodborough  Bef 1383Gloucestershire, England F23110
7 Cary / Spoke  Abt 1600Gloucestershire, England F50687
8 Chamberlain / Chamberlain  Abt 1085Gloucestershire, England F31750
9 Chamberlain / Chamberlain  Bef 1108Gloucestershire, England F31450
10 Clopton / de la MOREHALL  Abt 1348Gloucestershire, England F8112
11 de Basset / Lygon  1560Gloucestershire, England F35266
12 De Bohun / De Gloucester  Abt 1149Gloucestershire, England F12228
13 De Clifford / de Clare  3 Nov 1295Gloucestershire, England F29901
14 de Giffard / Clifford  Abt 1116Gloucestershire, England F23802
15 DeClare /   1217Gloucestershire, England F11465
16 DeMeschines / of Gloucester  Abt 1141Gloucestershire, England F12197
17 Ferrers / Despencer  Abt 1337Gloucestershire, England F29804
18 Fitz Pons / De Brecon  Abt 1058Gloucestershire, England F35002
19 Fitz Roy / Fitzhamon  Abt 1115Gloucestershire, England F42297
20 Fitz Stephens / de Berkeley  1312Gloucestershire, England F29665
21 Grindon / de Savoy  1289Gloucestershire, England F9315
22 Haule / Clark  1545Gloucestershire, England F37626
23 Huntley / Adams  Abt 1380Gloucestershire, England F29645
24 Langton / Gascoigne  1468Gloucestershire, England F8546
25 Le Palmer / Bilney  1272Gloucestershire, England F25137
26 Le Rous / Avenbury  1263Gloucestershire, England F29622
27 Le Rous / Avenbury  1263Gloucestershire, England F29679
28 Le Rous / Rous  1295Gloucestershire, England F29439
29 Powell / Herbert  1560Gloucestershire, England F23445
30 Rouse / Combe  1410Gloucestershire, England F23109
31 Strange / Basset  1538Gloucestershire, England F35399
32 Throckmorton / Bridges  Abt 1445Gloucestershire, England F8565
33 Walwyn / Greyhndour  Gloucestershire, England F8746
34 Whittington / Browning  1404Gloucestershire, England F23108
35 Whittington / Peresford  Abt 1367Gloucestershire, England F23112
36 Whittington / Rouse  1430Gloucestershire, England F23102