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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Queen of Scots  Abt 962Scotland I25566
2   1070Scotland I97758
3 Heiress of Torrance  Abt 1396Scotland I61777
4 Agnes  1272Scotland I21455
5 Amabilia  1270Scotland I92049
6 Beatrice heiress of Bonshaw Castle  1107Scotland I22275
7 Concubine  1341Scotland I21258
8 Constantine I  Abt 840Scotland I5296
9 Mrs Constantine II  Abt 869Scotland I25981
10 Daughter Princess of Scotland  1064Scotland I23706
11 Domnaill King of Scots  Abt 862Scotland I5295
12 Domnall King of Scots  Scotland I25902
13 Donald III of Scotland  1039Scotland I22908
14 Donald III Bane King of Scotland  Abt 1035Scotland I22877
15 Donald th King of Scotland  Abt 850Scotland I25951
16 Donald the Second  Abt 862Scotland I25578
17 Donald VI (Mrs)  Abt 834Scotland I26348
18 Dorothy  Abt 1059Scotland I61801
19 Duff Queen  Abt 962Scotland I25565
20 Edward Earl of Carrick  Scotland I21546
21 Elthafind King of Argyllshire  Scotland I38170
22 Hodierna  Abt 1117Scotland I22719
23 Iona  1065Scotland I83555
24 Kenneth II King of Scotland  932Scotland I25234
25 Lady Caustantin MacAodh  Abt 879Scotland I25982
26 Mariot  Abt 1170Scotland I59677
27 Mary d'Burgh  Abt 1273Scotland I63997
28 Melmare  Abt 1037Scotland I22891
29 Mistress  Abt 1274Scotland I64004
30 Queen Of Scotland  866Scotland I25975
31 Rosabell  Abt 1285Scotland I74783
32 Sybil  1009Scotland I23848
33 Walter  Abt 1083Scotland I51259
34 A SCOTLAND, Alba King of Scotia or Scotland  Abt 5 BCScotland I621
35 A SCOTLAND, Sigurd  Abt 930Scotland I378
36 AIRTH, Elizabeth de  1358Scotland I21220
37 ALBA, Eithne inghean Princess of Alba  Abt 20Scotland I620
38 ALLERDALE, Waltheof LordOf  Scotland I22310
39 AP ANGUERIT, Dumn  Abt 225Scotland I79196
40 AP CUNEDAG, Einion Yrth King of Gwynedd  Abt 423Scotland I16
41 AP GWRGAIN, Cain  Abt 225Scotland I77990
42 AP PADARN, Aeternus King of Gwynedd  Abt 345Scotland I21
43 AP TEGID, Padarn Beisrudd King of Gwynedd  Abt 305Scotland I24
44 ARNOT, Mrs David de  Abt 1225Scotland I58359
45 ATHOLL, Margaret Verch Caradog  1068Scotland I61661
46 AYTON, Marjorie  Abt 1591Scotland I20295
47 AYTOUN, Mary  Abt 1635Scotland I20432
48 BALFOUR, Elizabeth  1405Scotland I58122
49 BALLIOL, Thomas  Abt 1230Scotland I21729
50 BALLIOL, Mrs William de  Abt 1255Scotland I21715
51 BANE, Mrs Donald  Abt 1118Scotland I23349
52 BEAUFORT EARL OF SOMERSET, John  Abt 1340Scotland I19326
53 BISSET, Robert  Abt 1260Scotland I58951
54 BLACK, Agnes  Abt 1642Scotland I98297
55 BLACK, Archibald  Abt 1644Scotland I98296
56 BORTHWICK, Lady Agnes  Abt 1415Scotland I60007
57 BRIDGES, Faith  1656Scotland I98253
58 CAMERON, Allan MacIidny  Abt 1440Scotland I56150
59 CAMERON, Allan of  1390Scotland I56148
60 CAMERON, Janet  1434Scotland I55155
61 CAMERON, Mrs John  Scotland I75721
62 CAMERON, Margarete  1140Scotland I75474
63 CAMPBELL, Mrs Dugald  1275Scotland I92045
64 CANDELA, William Count Of Apulia  Abt 1200Scotland I63455
65 CANDELA, William de Candela Lord Of Anstruther  Abt 1120Scotland I62682
66 CANDELA, William Lord Of Anstruther  From 1070 to 1105Scotland I63098
67 CANMORE, Claricia  1109Scotland I22713
68 CANMORE, Layne Abbot Of Dunkeld Duncan De Mormaer  920Scotland I25227
69 CANMORE, Thora  1050Scotland I24189
70 CEANMOR, Prince Donald Of Scotland  1064Scotland I24191
71 CEANMOR, Princess Hodierna Of Scotland  Abt 1117Scotland I22717
72 CHAMBERLAIN OF SCOTLAND, Daughter of Herbert  Scotland I63092
73 CLEPHANE, Mrs. George  Abt 1478Scotland I56733
74 COMYN, A  1120Scotland I22556
75 COMYN, Sir John  Abt 1210Scotland I22033
76 CRAWFORD, Mrs Gregan Galfridus de  Abt 1065Scotland I64517
77 CRAWFORD, Mrs John de daughter of Dominus Galfredus  Abt 1175Scotland I63979
78 CRAWFORD, Mrs Hugh de  Abt 1085Scotland I64371
79 CUMBERLAND, Eugene Prince Of  Abt 899Scotland I25570
80 CUMIN, John III  1213Scotland I21920
81 CUMYN, Margaret  1217Scotland I21642
82 DE ANGUS, Earl Gilchrist  Abt 1124Scotland I22705
83 DE ANSTRUTHER, Robert  1399Scotland I58124
84 DE CAMERON, Mrs. Robert  1240Scotland I59803
85 DE CAMPO, Cederick  1056Scotland I83554
86 DE CARLYLE, Sigrid  1075Scotland I22311
87 DE COMYN, John I Lord of Badenoch and Lochaber  1215Scotland I62265
88 DE CRAWFORD, Galfridus  1102Scotland I64223
89 DE FAWNYS Mr  1140Scotland I21635
90 DE FAWNYS, Mrs  1145Scotland I21634
91 DE FENTON, John  1190Scotland I58963
92 DE GALLOWAY, Devorguile  1140Scotland I22014
93 DE GRAHAM, Peter  Abt 1127Scotland I22519
94 DE HETON, Johanna  From 1260 to 1264Scotland I58607
95 DE LATHERISK, William  1120Scotland I22101
96 DE LUNDIE, Thomas  1160Scotland I22196
97 DE MACDUFF, Isabel of Fife  Abt 1263Scotland I21648
98 DE MAR, Uilleam Chamberlin of Scotland  Abt 1244Scotland I21845
99 DE MENTEITH SIEUR D'ARGENTENAY, Robert  1490Scotland I58713
100 DE MORDINGTON, Mrs Peter  1232Scotland I74993
101 DE MORVILLE, Hugh  1180Scotland I22314
102 DE MOULTON, Herbert  Abt 1250Scotland I59179
103 DE OLIFAND, David  1140Scotland I22015
104 DE SAYE, William  Scotland I50687
105 DE SCOTLAND, Miss  1035Scotland I22885
106 DECAMPO, Cedrick  1176Scotland I83531
107 DEOSSORY, Edith  Abt 962Scotland I37906
108 DOMNAIOLL OG OIG, Donald  1025Scotland I61482
109 DONALD II, King Of Scotland King of Alba King Of Scotl  Scotland I25907
110 DORRIO HASTINGS, Jane  Abt 1506Scotland I13772
111 DOUGLAS, Earl Archibald 4th of Cavers  1372Scotland I60642
112 DOUGLAS, John  Abt 1422Scotland I61216
113 DOUGLAS, Mary Marjorie Margaret  1404–1454Scotland I21172
114 DOUGLAS, Mrs William  Abt 1370Scotland I62721
115 DOUGLAS, Mrs. William  Abt 1250Scotland I63140
116 DOUGLAS, WILLIAM Lord of Cavers  Abt 1370Scotland I62290
117 DOUGLAS, William  Abt 1374Scotland I62292
118 DUMFREY, Marie  1250Scotland I100063
119 DUNBAR, Agnes Elizabeth  Abt 1342Scotland I62750
120 DUNBAR, John  Abt 1340Scotland I62746
121 DUNBAR, Mabilla  1350Scotland I62741
122 DUNBAR, marjory  1386Scotland I62271
123 DUNBAR, Mrs David  1320Scotland I63483
124 DUNBAR, Patrick  Abt 1265Scotland I21649
125 DUNCAN Miss  1195Scotland I22303
126 DUNCAN, Marlmare  1028Scotland I22865
127 DUNCAN II, King of Scotland Donnchada  1060Scotland I24196
128 DUNDAS, Mrs Helias de  Abt 1125Scotland I63469
129 DUNDAS, Mrs Serle de  1155Scotland I63117
130 DUNDAS, Mrs Uthred de  1105Scotland I24020
131 DURWARD, Daughter of Alan  Abt 1230Scotland I60371
132 DYKES, William  13 Mar 1881Scotland I11023
133 EOCHA  869Scotland I25574
134 EOCHA  869Scotland I25580
135 EOCHA, Princess Lileas  Bef 871Scotland I25967
136 ERSKINE, Alice  Abt 1295Scotland I91945
137 ERSKINE, Elizabeth  Abt 1387Scotland I61129
138 ERSKINE, Muriella  1407Scotland I61193
139 FALLOW, Agnes  1367Scotland I61235
140 FAWNYS, Mrs Richard de  1170Scotland I22190
141 FERCHAR OG SCOTLAND  1044Scotland I22917
142 FERRARS, Millicent de Princess of Scotland  1060Scotland I23200
143 FITZ FERGUS, Mrs Gilbert  Abt 1118Scotland I23176
144 FITZHEMMING, Guri  1012Scotland I22558
145 FORRESTER, Mrs William  1270Scotland I61732
146 GALFREDUS, Mr  1120Scotland I64373
147 GALLOWAY, Alfreca  1099Scotland I22732
148 GIB, Sir Thomas Gold Keeper  1201Scotland I21975
149 GIFFORD, Mrs  Abt 1131Scotland I63728
150 GIFFORD, Mrs  Abt 1165Scotland I63452
151 GIFFORD, Mrs  Abt 1204Scotland I63096
152 GIFFORD, Mrs Hugh  Abt 1233Scotland I62677
153 GIFFORD, Mrs William  1265Scotland I62757
154 GILCHRIST  1197Scotland I21340
155 GILCHRIST, Eruni Dunegal  1107Scotland I22276
156 GILCHRIST EARL OF MENTEITH  Abt 1220Scotland I21292
157 GILLIEMICHAEL, Gilliemathil  1032Scotland I22210
158 GILLIES, Allan  1680Scotland I8671
159 GILLIS GILLIES, Roderick  1720Scotland I101299
160 GRAHAM, Joan  Abt 1298Scotland I63107
161 GRAHAM, Mrs  1333Scotland I57842
162 GRANT, Elizabeth  Abt 1748Scotland I5140
163 GRANT, Peter  Abt 1738Scotland I5142
164 GRAY, Mrs George  Abt 1380Scotland I61711
165 GRAY, Mrs- Thomas  Abt 1401Scotland I61150
166 GUTHRIE, Katherine  1280Scotland I63094
167 HALIBURTON, Georg  Abt 1170Scotland I59676
168 HARALDSDATTER, Langlif  Abt 1152Scotland I97775
169 HENDERSON, Jean  Abt 1660Scotland I101316
170 HOME, Sir William de  1208Scotland I50098
171 HOUSE, John Martin  1280Scotland I57057
172 HUNTINGDON, Miss de  Abt 1148Scotland I64224
173 INCHMARTIN, Mrs de  Abt 1263Scotland I62239
174 IV EARL OF STRATHEARN, Robert  Abt 1179Scotland I21462
175 JOHNSTONE, Jane  Abt 1676Scotland I20370
176 JOHNSTOUN, John  1120Scotland I22203
177 KEITH, Jane  1393Scotland I59988
178 KING, Donald Bane of Scotland  Abt 1050Scotland I22928
179 KING OF SCOTLAND, Cinead MacAlbany  932Scotland I25233
180 KING OF SCOTLAND, Domnall I  Scotland I25915
181 LASCELLES, Sir. John de Baron  1160Scotland I46126
182 LAWEDRE, Sir George de Provost of Edinburgh of Haltoun  Abt 1351Scotland I61168
183 LE MESCHIN, Alice  1120Scotland I60931
184 LEINSTER, Lady of  920Scotland I25563
185 LINDSAY Mrs  1394Scotland I62266
186 LINDSAY, John  1149Scotland I22699
187 LINDSAY, Mrs. Marjory  Abt 1383Scotland I62703
188 LINDSEY, david  1360Scotland I62282
189 LLEWELYN, Eva Verch  1260Scotland I57264
190 LOCHORE, Sir David  1265Scotland I61700
191 MAC ALPIN, Kenneth I King of Scots and PiCounts  Abt 810Scotland I5297
192 MAC CAUSANTIN, Illdulb  Scotland I25946
193 MAC CINÁEDA, Máel Coluim King of Scots  Abt 954Scotland I5292
194 MAC CRINAIN, Ma'el Muire Earl of Atholl  Abt 1037Scotland I22889
195 MAC DOMNAILL, Máel Coluim King of Scots  Abt 900Scotland I5294
196 MAC E'ALBI, Eochal 'The Venomous'  Abt 747Scotland I5299
197 MAC EANRI, Máel Coluim  27 Feb 1141Scotland I22636
198 MAC EOCHAID, Aed Find King of Dál Riata  Abt 725Scotland I5301
199 MAC MAIL COLUIM, Cináed King of Scots  Abt 930Scotland I5293
200 MAC RAGHNAILL, Domhnaill 3rd Lord of the Isles  1170Scotland I21859

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DOUGLAS, William of Hermiston  Bef 1250Scotland I63137
2 GRAHAM, John 9th Earl of Menteith  8 Jan 1421Scotland I56934
3 MAC CAUSANTÍN, Donald II x  From 889 to 900Scotland I25583
4 MACDONALD, Elizabeth Margaret  1380Scotland I91560
5 STEWART, Sir Alexander of Darnley  Scotland I56643
6 STEWART, Robert I 2nd Duke of Albany  28 Apr 1398Scotland I21195


Matches 1 to 196 of 196

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alesta of Mar  1210Scotland I21791
2 Beatrice  Scotland I61218
3 Domnaill King of Scots  900Scotland I5295
4 Domnall King of Scots  900Scotland I25902
5 Gruoch Ingen Boedhe Mhic Dubh  1060- circa 1060 (37-53) Scotland (suicide, accorScotland I24829
6 Katherine  Scotland I61775
7 Matilda Urquhart Heiress of Troup  1442Scotland I59354
8 Maude of Huntington  23 Apr 1130/31Scotland I22601
9 Roland Lord of Galloway  12 Dec 1200Scotland I21707
10 ABERCROMBIE, Mary  29 Nov 1574Scotland I56737
11 ANNANDALE, Lady Beatrice Bruce of  2 Jul 1273Scotland I21805
12 ANSTRUTHER, James  Scotland I56259
13 ANSTRUTHER, Jane  1630Scotland I56266
14 AP ANGUERIT, Dumn  300Scotland I79196
15 ARBUTHNOT, Helen  Scotland I49670
16 BEAUFORT EARL OF SOMERSET, John  Abt 1440Scotland I19326
17 BERTOLF DE LESLIE, Bartholomew  1121Scotland I23359
18 BISSET, John Lord Lovett  1259Scotland I58960
19 BJORNSSONN, Ketill  Abt 880Scotland I389
20 BLACKHALL, Maria  1221Scotland I22582
21 BRIDGES, Faith  1674Scotland I98253
22 BRIORN, Ingrid Gothland  Scotland I98331
23 BRUCE, Lady Elizabeth  1300Scotland I21384
24 BRUCE, Marjory  2 Mar 1316Scotland I62753
25 BRUCE, Mary  Abt 1330Scotland I21387
26 BRUCE, Maud Huntington  Scotland I21575
27 BRUS, Rosselina De  Scotland I23185
28 CAMERON, Allan of  Scotland I56148
29 CAMERON, Robert I  1250Scotland I58546
30 CAMPBELL, Sir Donald  6 Apr 1320Scotland I91955
31 CAMPBELL, Donald Down  Scotland I92191
32 CAMPBELL, Duncan The Black  1296Scotland I92103
33 CANMORE, Layne Abbot Of Dunkeld Duncan De Mormaer  965Scotland I25227
34 COMYN, A  1180Scotland I22556
35 COMYN, Earl of Buchan Fergus  Bef 1199Scotland I21912
36 COMYN, Jane  1285Scotland I22019
37 COMYN, Sir John  Aft 1291Scotland I22033
38 CUMIN, John III  Scotland I21920
39 DE BERKELEY, Euphemia  28 Jan 1323Scotland I21494
40 DE BOHUN, Robert Le Bon  1183Scotland I6222
41 DE CAMERON, Robert  Scotland I74994
42 DE CARRE, Rose  Scotland I23078
43 DE CRAWFORD, Galfridus  Abt 1202Scotland I64223
44 DE CRAWFORD, Hugh  Scotland I64369
45 DE DUNBAR, Agnes  1198Scotland I49786
46 DE GALLOWAY, Bethoc  1165Scotland I22739
47 DE HYTHUS, Margaret  1179Scotland I22711
48 DE ISAAC, Sir Thomas  Nov 1364Scotland I60649
49 DE KENT, Helen  DeceasedScotland I21687
50 DE LINDSAY, Alice  Abt 1280Scotland I21927
51 DE MAR, Margaret Countess  24 Jul 1326Scotland I21373
52 DE MENTEITH SIEUR D'ARGENTENAY, Robert  1575Scotland I58713
53 DE MOHUN, John  1322Scotland I18226
54 DE MONTGOMERY, Alan IV  1234Scotland I21481
55 DE MORAVIA, Walter  1284Scotland I21692
56 DE QUINCY, Janet  Scotland I51793
57 DE RUTHERFURDE, Robert  1304Scotland I59244
58 DE STRATHEARN, Mary  1319Scotland I61172
59 DE SWANE Miss x  Scotland I64374
60 DE VALOIGNE, Isabel  1253Scotland I21917
61 DE VAUX, William  1364Scotland I58527
62 DEBISSET, John  1258Scotland I59672
63 DECAMERON, Robert  Scotland I74792
64 DOUGLAS, Lady Agnes of Dalkeith  Abt 1422Scotland I62293
65 DOUGLAS, Catherine  Scotland I57980
66 DOUGLAS, Eleanor  1360Scotland I57978
67 DOUGLAS, Helen  DeceasedScotland I60641
68 DOUGLAS, Henry of Borg  Abt 1455Scotland I61764
69 DOUGLAS, Majory  1421Scotland I21167
70 DOUGLAS, Margaret  1473Scotland I62297
71 DOUGLAS, William  1425Scotland I61762
72 DUMFREY, Marie  Scotland I100063
73 DUNBAR, marjory  1429Scotland I62271
74 DUNDAS, Christian  Abt 1459Scotland I59359
75 DUNDAS, Mrs Uthred de  1200Scotland I24020
76 DUNKELD, Beatrix  1121Scotland I22914
77 DURWARD, Daughter of Alan  Abt 1300Scotland I60371
78 EARL FIFE, Walter Stewart  14 Aug 1362Scotland I62247
79 ERSKIN, Margaret  20 Nov 1419Scotland I61132
80 ERSKINE, Alice  Abt 1390Scotland I91945
81 ERSKINE, Deborah  1482Scotland I60681
82 ERSKINE, Elizabeth  Abt 1427Scotland I61129
83 ERSKINE, Isobel  1500Scotland I60680
84 ERSKINE, Robert 1st Baron of Erskine 12th Earl of Mar  1452Scotland I60676
85 ERSKINE, Sir William  1331Scotland I58971
86 FITZ ALAN, Simon  1200Scotland I22413
87 FITZ ANDLAW, Hextilda  1100Scotland I22205
88 FOLIOT, Sir Richard  23 Jul 1317 in the King's serviceScotland I17425
89 FONTAINES, Pierre De  1119Scotland I22664
90 FORRESTER, William  1365Scotland I61731
91 FRASER, Alexander  11 Aug 1332Scotland I21559
92 GIB, Sir Thomas Gold Keeper  1250Scotland I21975
93 GIFFORD, Ada  1300Scotland I62241
94 GILLEIS, Charles  1700Scotland I101298
95 GILLIEMICHAEL, Gilliemathil  1104Scotland I22210
96 GILLIES, Allan  1740Scotland I8671
97 GILLIS GILLIES, Roderick  1810Scotland I101299
98 GRAHAM Lady  Scotland I21324
99 GRAHAM, Elizabeth  Scotland I58950
100 GRAHAM, Joan  1358Scotland I63107
101 GRAHAM, Margaret  1340Scotland I62246
102 HALIBURTON, Mary  Scotland I74251
103 HALIBURTON, Truite De  Scotland I76090
104 HAMILTON, William de  1189Scotland I22247
105 HARALDSDATTER, Langlif  1200Scotland I97775
106 HOUSE, Ella  1338Scotland I56585
107 HOUSE, John Martin  Scotland I57057
108 JOHNSTONE, Sir John  Aft 1296Scotland I21981
109 JOHNSTOUN, John  1207Scotland I22203
110 KEITH, Margaret  1483Scotland I59350
111 KING, Donald Bane of Scotland  1094Scotland I22928
112 KING OF SCOTLAND, Domnall I  903Scotland I25915
113 LAUDER, Christian  1447Scotland I60037
114 LE FLEMING, Sir Richard Lord of Slane  1312Scotland I75099
115 LEINSTER, Lady of  Scotland I25563
116 LENNOX, Lady Mary  18 May 1451Scotland I21104
117 LINDSEY, david  1406Scotland I62282
118 LIVINGSTON, Alexander  6 Nov 1451Scotland I60646
119 LIVINGSTONE OF LOCHORE DRUMRY, Lady Margaret  1345Scotland I61124
120 LOCHORE, Sir David  1300Scotland I61700
121 LYLE, Catherine  1498Scotland I58712
122 MAC ARCHILL, Alwyn Saxon Lord of Northumberland  Abt 1154Scotland I97660
123 MAC CAUSANTIN, Illdulb  Aft 962Scotland I25946
124 MAC CAUSANTIN, Sigurda House of Alpin  897Scotland I26351
125 MAC DOMNAILL, Máel Coluim King of Scots  945Scotland I5294
126 MAC DOUGALL, Mary  Scotland I100046
127 MAC RAGHNAILL, Domhnaill 3rd Lord of the Isles  1249Scotland I21859
128 MAC RAGHNAILL, Domhnall Lord of the Isles  Abt 1247Scotland I21875
129 MAC SOMAIRLE, Ragnall Lord of the Isles  Abt 1207Scotland I21613
130 MACACHALAS, Urgusia Fergusa Queen of Dál Riata  834Scotland I25979
131 MACDOMHNAILL, Alasdair Mor  Abt 1299Scotland I97723
132 MACDOUGALL, Jane  Scotland I8672
133 MACLEOD, Roderick 5th of the Lewes  1405Scotland I91725
134 MACMILLAN, Ann  Scotland I101297
135 MACRAGHNAILL, Ruaidri (Roderick) Lord Of The Isles  Abt 1247Scotland I97724
136 MANWARING, Elizabeth  1664Scotland I98294
137 MAR, Donald de  Abt 1325Scotland I21370
138 MAR, Morgund Earl of Mar  Bef 30 Mar 1183Scotland I75716
139 MARSHALL, Mary  Scotland I63476
140 MCGHEE, John S  1360Scotland I56933
141 MCGHEE, Samuel  1389Scotland I56450
142 MCNAUGHTON, Donald  Scotland I63120
143 MELVILLE, Sir John 1st Laird of Raith  1427Scotland I60648
144 MONCREIFF, Agnes  1541Scotland I58153
145 MONCREIFF, Alexander  8 Dec 1610Scotland I57657
146 MONCREIFF, James  Bef 29 Nov 1596Scotland I57655
147 MONCREIFFE, Euphame  Scotland I57656
148 MONCREIFFE, John  Aft Nov 1635Scotland I57227
149 MONCRIEFF, Archabald  1633Scotland I57225
150 MONCRIEFF, Margaret  2 Nov 1554Scotland I58151
151 MONCRIEFFE, William  Apr 1574Scotland I57660
152 MONEYPENNEY, Thomas 8th Laird of Pitmillie  24 Nov 1427Scotland I60630
153 MONTGOMERY, Laird Alan de IV of Eaglesham  1234Scotland I22009
154 MONTGOMERY, Mrs Robert  DeceasedScotland I24006
155 MONTGOMRIE, Robert de  1139Scotland I23527
156 MORAY, Mrs Andrew  Bef 1314Scotland I61729
157 MORAY, William  Oct 1346Scotland I61174
158 MURE, Queen Elizabeth  From 1355 to 1358Scotland I63748
159 MURE, Mrs Reginald  Scotland I21681
160 MURRAY, DAVID  Bef 1525Scotland I58697
161 MURRAY, Lady Marion Mariot  1500Scotland I60022
162 MURRAY, William 1st Lord Of Bothwell  Mar 1253Scotland I21484
163 NAPIER, Alexander  Scotland I61787
164 O'HENLEY, Penny  Scotland I101302
165 OF ATHOLL, Andrew De Atholl 4th Laird  1300Scotland I21564
166 OF TYNEDALE, Uchtred  1155Scotland I21921
167 OGILVY, Baroness Margory  Abt 1357Scotland I57062
168 OLIPHANT, Jean  5 Dec 1624Scotland I58155
169 PATILLO, Robert  31 May 1698Scotland I20269
170 PATRICK, John  1460Scotland I98299
171 PATTILLO, George Dr.  4 Sep 1673Scotland I20369
172 RAMSAY, Isabel  Scotland I57059
173 SCOTLAND, Abbot Of Dunkeld Duncan De Mormaer Canmore  965Scotland I25228
174 SCOTLAND, Mrs. Dunkeld De Mormaer Canmore  Abt 980Scotland I25559
175 SINCLAIR, Ada  Scotland I57829
176 SINCLAIR, Margaret  1338Scotland I57832
177 SPARLING, Lydia  Scotland I57060
178 STEWART, Elinor  1396Scotland I60011
179 STEWART, Lady Hawise FitzAlan  18 Feb 1317Scotland I21417
180 STEWART, Joan  1449Scotland I60660
181 STEWART, Margaret  1226Scotland I22425
182 STEWART, Princess Margaret  1406Scotland I74257
183 STEWART, Princess Margaret  Sep 1456Scotland I61169
184 STEWART, Lady Margaret Jane Duchess Saulton  1324Scotland I62708
185 STEWART, William  1260Scotland I21604
186 STIRLING, Baroness Catherine  1378Scotland I61753
187 STRATHBOGIE, Philippa  2 Nov 1395Scotland I47951
188 STRATHEARN, Lady Foreith  1150Scotland I60951
189 SUTHERLAND, John  1361Scotland I63150
190 SYNTON, Maria De  10 Dec 1292Scotland I61719
191 TEMPEST, Peter  3 Oct 1361Scotland I19561
192 TURNBULL, James Baron of Minto  1355Scotland I74545
193 WEMYSS, David  Sep 1430Scotland I60600
194 WEMYSS, Duncan  Abt 1430Scotland I60604
195 WEMYSS, Eupheme  Scotland I61126
196 YEMAN, Janet  5 Jul 1483Scotland I74241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Joanna Moray Countess of Douglas  1409Scotland I59996
2 ANSTRUTHER, James  Scotland I56259
3 AP ANGUERIT, Dumn  300Scotland I79196
4 BISSET, John Lord Lovett  1259Scotland I58960
5 COMYN, Marjory  Scotland I21439
6 DE DOUGLAS, William III  23 Oct 1274Scotland I58537
7 DE MOLLE, Thomas  Abt 1150Scotland I62193
8 DE VAUX, William  1364Scotland I58527
9 DOUGLAS, Henry of Borg  Abt 1455Scotland I61764
10 DUNDAS, Mrs Uthred de  1200Scotland I24020
11 DURWARD, Daughter of Alan  Abt 1300Scotland I60371
12 ERSKINE, Alice  Abt 1390Scotland I91945
13 HOUSE, John Martin  1313Scotland I57057
14 MACDONALD, Jane  Abt 1250Scotland I21339
15 OF POLKELLY, Reginald Mure  1250Scotland I21680
16 OGILVY, Baroness Margory  Abt 1357Scotland I57062
17 RÖGNVALDSDÓTTER, Sigurda  Scotland I25973
18 SCOTLAND, Mogallus Prince of  Scotland I25235
19 STANHOPE, Lady Janet  Scotland I21066
20 STEWART, Johanna of Albany  1439Scotland I60663
21 STEWART OF SHAMBOTHY AND INNERMEATH, sir Robert Stewart of Shambothy and Innermeath  Scotland I60020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Domnaill King of Scots  Abt 870Scotland I5295
2 MAC CINÁEDA, Máel Coluim King of Scots  Abt 970Scotland I5292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 MELANCON, Pierre dit La Verdure  Abt 1657Scotland I4488


Matches 1 to 131 of 131

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Moray  1284Scotland F31486
2 / Moray  1284Scotland F31764
3 / Stewart of Crawford  Abt 1276Scotland F31166
4 / Stewart of Crawford  Abt 1276Scotland F31463
5 /   Abt 855Scotland F14122
6 /   26 Aug 1190Scotland F18310
7 /   Abt 1202Scotland F25613
8 /   1210Scotland F11441
9 / Bjornsdotter  1030Scotland F11937
10 / Bjornsdotter  1030Scotland F12042
11 / fitz Fergus  Abt 1160Scotland F12186
12 / MacDuff  1169Scotland F12187
13 / Stewart  1234Scotland F11398
14 bALHOUFFIE / Moncreiff  Abt 1580Scotland F29305
15 Baron Of Aberdour / Dunbar  21 Nov 1372Scotland F31500
16 Baron Of Aberdour / Dunbar  21 Nov 1372Scotland F31772
17 Brown / Roger  Abt 1545Scotland F44347
18 Bruce /   Scotland F33014
19 Bruce / de Clare  Abt 1295Scotland F11355
20 Bruce / de Clare  Abt 1295Scotland F33009
21 Bruce / de Clare  Abt 1295Scotland F33008
22 Bruce / Of Lorn  Abt 1412Scotland F30881
23 Cameron / Dummond  1354Scotland F38606
24 Cameron / MacDonald  Bef 1480Scotland F28777
25 Cameron / MacMartin  1420Scotland F29035
26 Campbell / Fraser Finetta  1178Scotland F48599
27 Comyn / Arbuthnot  Abt 1343Scotland F25391
28 Constantine III /   CA 889Scotland F13924
29 Constantine III /   Abt 899Scotland F13925
30 Dalry / Douglas  Abt 1358Scotland F29717
31 De Bruce / Douglas  Abt 1333Scotland F29715
32 De Bruce / Mar  1295Scotland F33174
33 de Haye / Douglas  1342Scotland F32615
34 de Keith / Fraser  1340Scotland F30491
35 de Keith / Fraser  1340Scotland F30837
36 de Keyth / de Synton  1312Scotland F30863
37 de Keyth / de Synton  1312Scotland F31127
38 De Mar / Stewart  1310Scotland F29243
39 de Menteith / Menteith  Abt 1213Scotland F11973
40 de Montgomery / Stair  Abt 1224Scotland F11428
41 De Neville / Annandale  Aft 1202Scotland F11717
42 de Soules / Comyn  Abt 1269Scotland F11494
43 de Soulis / Stewart  Abt 1272Scotland F11481
44 Douglas /   Abt 1362Scotland F30493
45 Douglas /   Abt 1362Scotland F30844
46 Douglas /   24 May 1389Scotland F11281
47 Douglas /   Abt 24 May 1390Scotland F11282
48 Douglas /   24 May 1397Scotland F11284
49 Douglas / De Lindsay  1315Scotland F29244
50 Douglas / De Lovaine  Abt 1276Scotland F29465
51 DOUGLAS / Douglas  Abt 1385Scotland F32045
52 Douglas / Erskine  1432Scotland F31493
53 Douglas / Stewart  10 Nov 1387Scotland F31192
54 Douglas / Stewart  10 Nov 1387Scotland F31472
55 Drummond / Douglas  1388Scotland F28778
56 Drummond / Graham  1313Scotland F11269
57 Drummond-?????? / Sinclair  1386Scotland F38244
58 Dunbar / Randolph  1335Scotland F31801
59 Dunbar / Randolph  1335Scotland F32016
60 Dunbar / Seton  Abt 1361Scotland F32338
61 Duncan / Scotland  1058Scotland F12261
62 Eocha / Eocha  890Scotland F13909
63 Erskine / Douglas  Abt 1436Scotland F30503
64 Erskine / Douglas  Abt 1436Scotland F30851
65 Erskine / Lindsay  1403Scotland F30885
66 Erskine / Lindsay  1403Scotland F31142
67 Forrester / Sinclair  Abt 1400Scotland F37889
68 Gilchrist Earl of Menteith /   Abt 1252Scotland F11368
69 Gillebridgesson /   Abt 1142Scotland F51570
70 Gilleis / MacMillan  1675Scotland F53282
71 Gillies / MacDougall  1708Scotland F53283
72 Gillis Gillies / O'Henley  1753Scotland F53285
73 Graham / de Faunes  1182Scotland F11407
74 Graham / de Strathearn  1276Scotland F11315
75 Graham / Mason  Aft 1137Scotland F11637
76 Graham / Strathearn  Oct 1354Scotland F32603
77 Gray /   1315Scotland F31476
78 Gray /   1315Scotland F31752
79 Hamilton / Douglas  8 Mar 1388Scotland F32046
80 Hlodversson / MacKenneth  Abt 988Scotland F109
81 KENNEDY /   1404/5Scotland F11285
82 le Cheyne / Comyn  1286Scotland F48377
83 Lindsay / Marshall  1315Scotland F32609
84 mac Cináeda / Sigurdsdatter  Abt 983Scotland F111
85 MacAlexander / McDonald  1435Scotland F11262
86 MacDomhnaill / Campbell  1265Scotland F48350
87 MacDonald / Ross Stuart Lennox  1393Scotland F48356
88 MacRaghnaill / Reginald  Abt 1199Scotland F51541
89 Macrory / Isles  1208Scotland F11403
90 Moncreiff / Balnavis  Abt 1556Scotland F29540
91 Moncreiff / Crichton  <1560>Scotland F29537
92 Moncreiff / Moncreiff  Abt 1576Scotland F29311
93 Moncreiff / Stewart  <1559>Scotland F29529
94 Moncrieff / Affleck  Abt 1579Scotland F29308
95 Moncrieff / Murray  Abt 1581Scotland F29320
96 Montgomerie / Murray Of Bothwell  1239Scotland F11394
97 Monypenny / Keith  Abt 1428Scotland F30861
98 Muir / Graham  1314Scotland F11424
99 Mure / Russell  Abt 1300Scotland F11505
100 Murray / Cockburn  Abt 1501Scotland F30174
101 Napier / LAUDER  Abt 1418Scotland F31511
102 of Atholl / Bruce  Abt 1296Scotland F11459
103 Paterson / Moncreiffe  CALC 1564Scotland F29535
104 Pattillo / Johnstone  Abt 1696Scotland F10948
105 PITTILOK / Pittilok  1590Scotland F10947
106 Ramsay / Moncreiff  Abt 1585Scotland F29313
107 Randolph / Bruce  1270Scotland F11457
108 Randolph / Stewart  1310Scotland F32054
109 Randolph / Stewart  1310Scotland F32308
110 Riddell / Anstruther  Abt 1619Scotland F28835
111 Ross / Stewart  Abt 1792Scotland F2166
112 Rutherfoord / Erskine  1462Scotland F30483
113 Seton-Gordon Chancellor of Scotland / Stewart Princess of Scotland  1439Scotland F31179
114 Sinclair / Douglas  1430Scotland F38441
115 Sinclair / Sutherland  1446Scotland F38442
116 Stewart /   21 Mar 1365Scotland F31499
117 Stewart /   21 Mar 1365Scotland F31771
118 Stewart / De Bonkyll  1281Scotland F11479
119 Stewart / Drummond  1367Scotland F50108
120 Stewart / Oliver  1374Scotland F29249
121 Stewart of Bonkyll / Abernethy  24 Oct 1328Scotland F32606
122 Stewart of Shambothy and Innermeath /   1348Scotland F30500
123 Stewart of Shambothy and Innermeath /   1348Scotland F30841
124 Strathearn /   1289Scotland F11414
125 Sutherland / De Mar  1304Scotland F11438
126 Towar /   Scotland F32952
127 Wallace / Douglas  1368Scotland F29718
128 Watson / Hale  1444Scotland F11220
129 Wemyss / Douglas  1409Scotland F31138
130 Wemyss / Wemyss  Abt 1335Scotland F30846
131 Wemyss / Wemyss  Abt 1335Scotland F31126


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duncan / Scotland  1058Scotland F12261