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Sefton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Heloise  1050Sefton, Lancashire, England I81009
2 BRINLEY BRENLEY, Letitia  1189Sefton, Lancashire, England I59780
3 CLIFTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1503Sefton, Lancashire, England I65799
4 DE CLIFTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1475Sefton, Lancashire, England I65798
5 DE MOLYNEUX  1328Sefton, Lancashire, England I58373
6 DE MOLYNEUX, sir Richard Lord of Sefton  Abt 1232Sefton, Lancashire, England I59031
7 DE MOLYNEUX, Robert  1048Sefton, Lancashire, England I80992
8 DE MOLYNEUX, Simon  1330Sefton, Lancashire, England I58388
9 DE MOLYNEUX, Thomas of Edge  Sefton, Lancashire, England I59697
10 FITZANDRE, Asceline  1052Sefton, Lancashire, England I51446
11 HOWICKE, aurelia  1253Sefton, Lancashire, England I59209
12 MOLLENAX, Ellen  Abt 1480Sefton, Lancashire, England I65666
13 MOLYNEAUX, Ellen  Abt 1329Sefton, Lancashire, England I66083
14 MOLYNEUX, Adam EsqKnt Lord of Sefton Commissioner of the peranbultion of Forests 1228  Abt 1185Sefton, Lancashire, England I59781
15 MOLYNEUX, Agnes  Abt 1338Sefton, Lancashire, England I65811
16 MOLYNEUX, Ann  1505Sefton, Lancashire, England I13298
17 MOLYNEUX, Christopher  1349Sefton, Lancashire, England I57855
18 MOLYNEUX, Emma  Abt 1293Sefton, Lancashire, England I58982
19 MOLYNEUX, Joan  1310Sefton, Lancashire, England I58983
20 MOLYNEUX, Joan De  Abt 1310Sefton, Lancashire, England I58376
21 MOLYNEUX, sir John of Crosby  1343 3rd sonSefton, Lancashire, England I57857
22 MOLYNEUX, Juliana  Abt 1258Sefton, Lancashire, England I59698
23 MOLYNEUX, Peter  Abt 1346 6th sonSefton, Lancashire, England I65812
24 MOLYNEUX, Richard ReCountor of Sefton  Sefton, Lancashire, England I59702
25 MOLYNEUX, Sir Richard  Sefton, Lancashire, England I65475
26 MOLYNEUX, Richard  1478 (age 5 1483)Sefton, Lancashire, England I65671
27 MOLYNEUX, Richard reCountor of Sefton  Abt 1344 4th sonSefton, Lancashire, England I65805
28 MOLYNEUX, Richard Lord of Sefton Chief Forester of West Derbyshire  1423Sefton, Lancashire, England I14544
29 MOLYNEUX, Robert  5th sonSefton, Lancashire, England I65810
30 MOLYNEUX, Roger Lord of Little Crosby and Speke  Abt 1212 (yr son)Sefton, Lancashire, England I59130
31 MOLYNEUX, Simon  Abt 1347 7th sonSefton, Lancashire, England I57858
32 MOLYNEUX, Simon  Abt 1335Sefton, Lancashire, England I58380
33 MOLYNEUX, Sir Thomas of Curedale Constable of Chester  1341 (2nd son)Sefton, Lancashire, England I65808
34 MOLYNEUX, sir Thomas 8th Earl of Sefton Sheriff 1473  1445Sefton, Lancashire, England I65570
35 MOLYNEUX, William Lord of Sefton  1481 (of age 21 1502)Sefton, Lancashire, England I65663
36 MOLYNEUX, sir William K. G. Lord of Sefton  Abt 1212Sefton, Lancashire, England I59693
37 MOLYNEUX, sir William Knt Banneret 1367  Abt 1315Sefton, Lancashire, England I65673
38 MOLYNEUX, sir William of Sefton  Abt 1340Sefton, Lancashire, England I65809
39 MOLYNEUX, Sir William 10th Earl of Sefton Molines  1498Sefton, Lancashire, England I65391
40 PAYNES, Baron Andre de  Abt 1025Sefton, Lancashire, England I51690
41 STANLEY, Lady Elizabeth  1423Sefton, Lancashire, England I15542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLIFTON, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1547Sefton, Lancashire, England I65799
2 DE CLIFTON, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1547Sefton, Lancashire, England I65798
3 DE HAUGHTON, Margaret  23 Sep 1459Sefton, Lancashire, England I59692
4 DE MOLYNEUX, Robert  1069Sefton, Lancashire, England I80992
5 DE THORNTON, Margaret  Sefton, Lancashire, England I59694
6 DEMOLYNEUX, Alice  1273Sefton, Lancashire, England I59701
7 DONNE, Emma  Aft 1336Sefton, Lancashire, England I59032
8 HOLLAND, Jane  1372Sefton, Lancashire, England I16497
9 KRYTON KYERTON, Agatha  1361Sefton, Lancashire, England I59691
10 MOLYNEAUX, sir Richard Knt Lord of Sefton  6 Apr 1363Sefton, Lancashire, England I57853
11 MOLYNEUX, Adam EsqKnt Lord of Sefton Commissioner of the peranbultion of Forests 1228  Oct 1246Sefton, Lancashire, England I59781
12 MOLYNEUX, Ann  1 Jun 1589Sefton, Lancashire, England I13298
13 MOLYNEUX, Sir Richard  16 March 1548 no issueSefton, Lancashire, England I65475
14 MOLYNEUX, Richard Lord of Sefton Crosby and Speke  After 1211 by 1213Sefton, Lancashire, England I50197
15 MOLYNEUX, sir Thomas 8th Earl of Sefton Sheriff 1473  12 Jul 1483Sefton, Lancashire, England I65570
16 MOLYNEUX, sir William K. G. Lord of Sefton  1275–1289Sefton, Lancashire, England I59693
17 MOLYNEUX, Sir William Bannert 1286 of Sefton  Bef 29 Jun 1336Sefton, Lancashire, England I58367
18 MOLYNEUX, William Lord of Sefton  16 Mar 1548Sefton, Lancashire, England I65663
19 RUGE, Lady Karoline Doris Johanne Luise Countess of Sefton Rugge  30 Nov 1520Sefton, Lancashire, England I65476
20 RUGE, lady Karoline Doris Johanne Luise Countess of Sefton Rugge  22 Oct 1521Sefton, Lancashire, England I65797
21 STANLEY, Lady Elizabeth  23 Sep 1459Sefton, Lancashire, England I15542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BALL, Alis Dorathea  30 May 1653Sefton, Lancashire, England I98034
2 DE HAUGHTON, Margaret  26 Sep 1459Sefton, Lancashire, England I59692
3 MOLYNEUX, Richard Lord of Sefton Chief Forester of West Derbyshire  26 Sep 1459Sefton, Lancashire, England I14544


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chatterton / De Molyneux  <1354>Sefton, Lancashire, England F29964
2 de Molyneux / Donne  Sefton, Lancashire, England F29991
3 Fouleshurst / Molyneux  1495Sefton, Lancashire, England F34186
4 Molyneux / Ruge  1497Sefton, Lancashire, England F34183
5 Molyneux / Stanley  Bef 1432Sefton, Lancashire, England F7772
6 Villiers / FitzAndre  1079Sefton, Lancashire, England F26352