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Vestfold, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AGNARSSONN, Eirik  Abt 715Vestfold, Norway I333
2 ALFARINSDATTER, Alfhild  Abt 794Vestfold, Norway I171
3 DAGSDATTER, Hlif  Abt 772Vestfold, Norway I181
4 DI EIRIKSDATTER, Hil  Abt 740Vestfold, Norway I8
5 ERIKSDOTTER, Hildur  720Vestfold, Norway I92432
6 EYSTEINSSON, Gudrod King in Vestfold  Vestfold, Norway I92295
7 EYSTEINSSONN, Halfdan King in Vestfold  Abt 768Vestfold, Norway I180
8 HALFDANSSON, Eysteinn King of Vestfold  736Vestfold, Norway I92333
9 HALFDANSSON KING IN VESTFOLD, Eysteinn  Abt 710Vestfold, Norway I92324
10 HALFDANSSONN, Eysteinn King in Vestfold  Abt 736Vestfold, Norway I99
11 HARALDSDATTER, Aasa  Abt 755Vestfold, Norway I25601
12 HARALDSDOTTIR, Asa Agdir  Abt 785Vestfold, Norway I39263
13 HAROLDSSON, Halfdan King of Haithabu  767Vestfold, Norway I39385
14 JUTLAND, Erik I  Vestfold, Norway I25991
15 MRS, Bjorn Haraldson  From Abt 875 to 890Vestfold, Norway I25830
16 NORWEGEN, Asta Astrid Gundbrandsdattir  Abt 970Vestfold, Norway I25158
17 OD HALFDANSSONN, Gudr King in Vestfold  Abt 738Vestfold, Norway I170
18 OLAFSSON, King Ragnvald  850Vestfold, Norway I25605
19 SIGTRYGSSONN, Agnar  Abt 693Vestfold, Norway I328
20 UNKNOWN  Abt 723Vestfold, Norway I92310
21 UNKNOWN  Abt 773Vestfold, Norway I92312
22 UNKNOWN  Abt 773Vestfold, Norway I92314
23 UNKNOWN  Abt 773Vestfold, Norway I92315
24 UNKNOWN  Abt 773Vestfold, Norway I92318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ERIKSDOTTER, Hildur  760Vestfold, Norway I92432
2 GUDRODSSON, Olaf II King of Westfold Jutland  840Vestfold, Norway I25996
3 JUTLAND, Erik I  854Vestfold, Norway I25991
4 SIGURDSDOTTER, Ragnhild  855Vestfold, Norway I25262
5 VON RÜGEN, Gunhilde  Abt 760Vestfold, Norway I39412


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ERIKSDOTTIR,, Hildi Princess of Vestfold  Vestfold, Norway I92320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GUDRODSSONN, Olaf King of Jutland and Vestfold  Abt 780Vestfold, Norway I163
2 OD HALFDANSSONN, Gudr King in Vestfold  Abt 760Vestfold, Norway I170


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bjornson / Denmark  Abt 940Vestfold, Norway F13608
2 Eysteinsson / Unknown  790Vestfold, Norway F48713
3 Eysteinsson / Unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48714
4 Eysteinsson / Unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48715
5 Eysteinsson / Unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48716
6 Eysteinsson / unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48717
7 Eysteinsson / unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48718
8 Eysteinsson / Unknown  Abt 791Vestfold, Norway F48719
9 Eysteinssonn / Dagsdatter  Abt 788Vestfold, Norway F191
10 Fairhair / Eystiensdatter  868Vestfold, Norway F14220
11 Halfdansson / Eriksdottir,  757Vestfold, Norway F48724
12 Halfdansson King In Vestfold / Eriksdotter,  Abt 749Vestfold, Norway F48727
13 od Halfdanssonn / Alfarinsdatter  Abt 815Vestfold, Norway F189
14 Olafssonn / Hardrade  Abt 735Vestfold, Norway F11